Governor-Elect Scott “Gets-to-Work” on Plan to Create 700,000 Jobs

By: Scott Transition Office Release
By: Scott Transition Office Release


Staying true to his campaign promise to “Get-to-Work,” Governor-Elect Rick Scott put his 7-step plan to create 700,000 jobs in 7 years on the fast-track today with the announcement of an impressive cast of nationally known economics experts who will advise the Governor-elect throughout the budget process as he begins to turn policy into action.

Headed by Donna Arduin, the former Director for the Florida Office of Policy and Budget who arrives in Tallahassee today, these experts have been analyzing the most effective and efficient ways to implement the Governor-elect's plans throughout the budget.

Budget recommendations are due on February 4th.

Let's get to work.

Economic Advisory Council Members:

Donna Arduin – President at Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics. Arduin served as the Director for the Florida Office of Policy and Budget for Governor Jeb Bush, where she formulated the governor’s policy recommendations and negotiated with the legislature to enact his budget policies. She has held similar positions in California, Michigan, and New York. Donna Arduin has also consulted the Florida House of Representatives.

Tad DeHaven - He is a budget analyst on federal and state budget issues for the Cato Institute. Previously he was a deputy director of the Indiana Office of Management and Budget and a policy analyst with the National Taxpayers Union. DeHaven also worked as a budget policy advisor to Senators Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Tom Coburn (R-OK). His articles have been published in the Washington Post, Washington Times, and National Review.

The Honorable Talmadge Heflin – Talmadge Heflin is the Director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation's Center for Fiscal Policy. For 11 terms, Talmadge served the people of Harris County as a Texas state representative. Well regarded as a legislative leader on budget and tax issues by Democratic and Republican speakers alike, he for several terms was the only House member to serve on both the Ways and Means and Appropriations committees. In the 78th Texas Legislature, Talmadge served as chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations. He navigated a $10 billion state budget shortfall through targeted spending cuts that allowed Texans to avoid a tax increase.

Dr. Randall G. Holcombe – A DeVoe Moore Professor of Economics at Florida State University and published author. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Tech, and taught at Texas A&M University and at Auburn University prior to coming to Florida State in 1988. Dr. Holcombe is also Senior Fellow at the James Madison Institute, a Tallahassee-based think tank that specializes in issues facing state governments. He served on Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s Council of Economic Advisors from 2000 to 2006, was president of the Public Choice Society from 2006 to 2008, and was president of the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics in 2007.

Dr. Arthur B. Laffer – Founder and Chairman of Laffer Associates, an economic research firm. Known by many as “The Father of Supply-Side Economics,” Dr. Laffer has shaped American economic policy serving on President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board. He has received numerous economic awards and achievements for his work on the Laffer Curve and other economic issues. Dr. Laffer received a B.A. in economics from Yale University in 1963. He received a MBA and a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University in 1965 and 1972 respectively.

Dr. Robert McClure - President and CEO of The James Madison Institute. Dr. McClure was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Florida Elections Commission and has served on the State of Florida Education Strategic Planning Council. A 5th generation Floridian, he has been published at both the state and national level on numerous topics related to economic freedom. Dr. McClure received a B.A. from Furman University in 1987. He received an MS from Florida State University and a Ph.D. in public policy from the University of Florida.

The Economic Advisory Council will be headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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  • by Anonymous on Nov 17, 2010 at 04:30 AM
    All righty Scotty. I voted for you and not the obama backer. now I'm unemployed, give me one of those 700,000 jobs.
  • by The Original Bob Location: Perry on Nov 15, 2010 at 01:47 PM
    The first six comments sound like State employee / leeches.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 15, 2010 at 01:16 PM
    Every one of these people listed are Republican political insiders. Why did so many of you vote this man into office so we will feel the rath they are about to put on the citizens of this state. He plans 7 years so when his plans fail he can say that he is not to blame. He will fault all of these "experts" that have already helped slant all assets toward Republicans in their quest for total power. Heaven help us - Dems can`t, independants got fooled, and conservatives won`t as they are too busy helping themselves.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 15, 2010 at 12:49 PM
    His team is pretty impressive.
  • by Try again on Nov 15, 2010 at 12:46 PM
    Ron, unlike other canidates he did not have any big contributors backing him. It was all his money. No special interest there.
  • by Ron Location: Tallahassee on Nov 15, 2010 at 11:49 AM
    Remember - he ran on a platform of being non-political. He wasn't a "career" politician but now he is indeed looking to the "career" politicos to help him steal and pay back the big contributors. Look out Florida - we are in deep trouble!!
  • by alice Location: crawfordville on Nov 15, 2010 at 11:16 AM
    7 yrs? the gov is only elected for 4 yrs??? Scott's math Does not ADD up. looking at his bald head for the next four
  • by CarefullyLooking on Nov 15, 2010 at 11:08 AM
    All I can say is, watch out Floridians. The rich are about to get richer on the middle and lower class citizens both on the state and federal level. Scott, is proposing to create more "private sector" jobs. If you work within state government "watch out". The state's going to go further in the red if big business is going to be "tax exempt". HELLO, when the state was collecting tangelable tax we were in the black but Bush came in privatized and had a ton of exemptions which caused the state to go in the red. Why can't people see that? Guess, they need to lose their jobs, health benefits, etc. to wake up. Pres. Obama but the stimulus out there but the banks are holding onto the money, so the American people can't blame him....CONGRESS are the ones who create the laws NOT the President, he basically signs off or vetos them. The Repubs have really pulled the wool over the eyes of many Americans. Time will tell when they "Repubs" really get started and then it will be too late.
  • by Jack Location: Tallahassee on Nov 15, 2010 at 10:56 AM
    700,000 jobs so big business can send then offshore?
  • by Anon Location: Tallahassee on Nov 15, 2010 at 10:46 AM
    Looks like 3 of them have ties to Jeb Bush. That makes me feel real hopeful. These people have impressive degrees and experience, but I doubt that they will do anything to benefit the 1,000,000 currently unemployed. And are these folks getting paid from Florida tax dollars?
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