NEBA Candidate Debate

By: Jennifer MIlton Email
By: Jennifer MIlton Email

*** UPDATE 10-12-2010 ***

WCTV has provided the NEBA Candidate Forum with more in-depth coverage. The candidates were asked to address a few of the ke issues heading into the election. The four were questioned about healthcare, cap and trade issues, and taxes. The candidates were also able to give general statements to open up as well WCTV has broken down each section into General Statements, Healthcare, Taxes, and Cap and Trade. You will find those when you click on the video icon with the appropriate topic.


Tallahassee, FL - The candidates spoke firmly about issues they think makes them the best person to represent our state in Congress' second district.

A series of four questions were asked and each candidate was allotted two minutes on the floor in front of the North East Business Association members. The first was about healthcare.

This problem needs some well thought out solutions and if not this then what? If not now, then when?

Steve Southerland (R) Congressional District 2 says, "No where in that document does the federal government have the right to make you and I purchase anything from a private company."

Paul McCain (NPA) says, "It's gotta be replaced, I take that back, not replaced, removed. We need to get back what we had and just improve what we had"

Dianne Berryhill (NPA) says, "We need to reform how people are getting their insurance, we also need to do some tort reform and medicare and medicaid are killing our health care system."

When asked about tax cuts, Congressman Boyd said he is on record supporting the cuts, but then turned up the heat and lashed out at Southerland.

Congressman Allen Boyd AT:53
He signed a pledge by the Americans for Tax Reform, which will protect the tax breaks for corporations which sends jobs overseas, secondly, he has advocated a tax which will put a 23 percent tax on everything that you buy.

"This is done by the St. Petersberg times, not a very friendly newspaper to conservatives, however you will see that the fabricated lies that we are getting from our congressman, shouldn't we deserve better?"

Other hot topics included feelings on Cap and Trade and if elected, how would these candidates do to help small businesses. All four candidates stood their ground and gave us a glimpse on what we should expect in the November Election.

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  • by William Location: Mayo on Oct 18, 2010 at 12:56 PM
    ETrnage- you are ridiculous lol... you continually change the subject, you continue to dodge the factual responses I make to your continued spouting off about thing you have no idea about, I wish WCTV would put this conversation on the 11 o'clock news, i continually ask you to prove me wrong, you don't and can't so you change the subject. Southerland is probably going to win the election, and you'll get EXACTLY what you deserve, NOTHING, more of the same. you do not have a clue how anything in government or healthcare works... uninformed and misinformed people like you are what is ruining this country... keep drinking the cool aide the media is feeding ya... geezz cant believe I've wasted so much time talking you... READ STUFF FOR YOURSELF....
  • by ETrnage Location: Tallahassee on Oct 16, 2010 at 11:28 PM
    William, I guess I'll get up at 6:00 am on the 2nd of November SS & S. Put on a relatively conservative set of grey trousers, white shirt, red, white and blue trafalgar suspenders and a blue blazer. Eat breakfast and grab a cup of coffee to go. And then vote a straight Republican ticket, yes on Amendments 5 and 6, and vote to remove every sitting judge on the ballot out of office. And I'm going to do it just for you. Now doesn't that make you feel special? You can continue to eschew the national healthcare fiasco until it's paid off. Wait you and I will be dead, buried, forgotten, and our great grands will still be in hock.
  • by William Location: MAYO FLORIDA on Oct 16, 2010 at 07:20 PM
    Eturnage=freaking ignorance lol u blantantly ignore all the facts I present as well as ignore all the questions I ask u. Let's see, who was at the helm when the economy started down the tank? As I recall it was Bush's treasury secretary who begged Pelosi on his hands and knees for $700B to bail out the banks - Hank Paulson, remember? 16,500 new IRS agents is a gross overstatement. The only additions to that agency are for the sole purpose of handing out tax breaks for small businesses for providing insurance to their employees. Also, $500B out of Medicare is another lie. i guess you are against making that system more efficient because that it where the money is coming from along with eliminating waste fraud and abuse. I guess you're against closing the donut hole as well, because the bill does that along with other increased benefits to Medicare ove the next ten years. You can check all these facts at as well as But, reading the bill is still the bes
  • by ETurnage Location: Tallahassee on Oct 14, 2010 at 10:00 PM
    Have fun with all of that William. The Democrats are at the root of the deficit. While blaming it on the preceding administration they somehow manage to omit that we had a majority in both House and Senate under Bush. So far Obama has managed to basically triple the national debt and has very little if anything to show for it. Historically I guess you can blame anything on the Republicans, at least as far back as 1854. But that doesn't make it true. Change of subject, are you grooming your children for military service? If they are within the age parameters for selective service you need to get prepared...Things haven't changed on my side of the fence Southerland, Rubio and Scott are getting this vote, regardless of party affiliation. And the bill that is currently being shoved down our throats is in no shape or form a product of, or fascimile of the ill timed Republican effort. This thing in it's current form is a master piece of incompetence authored by Harry Reid
  • by William Location: Mayo Florida on Oct 14, 2010 at 07:44 PM
    The Original Bob- My name is William hence the name "William"... Eturnage and Bob- with all due respect, ya'll need to read the healthcare bill, seniors start getting some of the medicare benefits at a even earlier age than they do presently. This bill is not named Obamacare, it is originally a REPUBLICIAN bill that was proposed in the BUSH administration. The 150 billion cut is based upon the fact that every medicare patient is unnecessarily over billed by an average of $1,000/patient. This could be because our system relies on a prospective payment determined by DRGs. The US is the least taxed country in the world, and if we are ever going to pay off the national debt, taxes are going to have go up, I dont want my kids to face these problems.... btw can either of you tell me one thing, one single negative affect on your life allen boyd has created for you?? and LMBO is exactly right about cost of hospital expenses.... 1000 characters is not enough....
  • by ETurnage Location: Tallahassee on Oct 14, 2010 at 08:30 AM
    William your right. I was wrong. It wasn't HR808, it was HR5136 Amendnent 672 that attempted to repeal DADT. Boyd voted for the amendment against the wishes of the JCS. But it still stands that Boyd doe's not have the backing of area veterans and military personnel. A large percentage see him for what he really is, just another tax and spend liberal. One of the four points criteria for healthcare reform according to Boyd was that it would not take away from existing programs including Medicare. I had him look me in the eye and shake my hand while he told that lie at the old theatre in Quincy. Now $500 Billion later Boyd's campaign is looking like the Titanic....As for LBimbo, I'd rather see anybody in office other than a liberal incumbent. America can't take much more of the spend, and spend, and spend some more mentality that this administration is so proud of...
  • by The Original Bob Location: Perry on Oct 14, 2010 at 06:39 AM
    "Southerland is a liar, a newspaper article is his defense lol you all want to give southerland the purse strings of our nation when he can't pay his own taxes, thats public record lol he is broke, he'll vote for whatever the first lobbyist gives him money to vote for..." Sounds like a perfect candidate for an Obama cabinet position to me. One small problem with the rest of your diatribe LMBO, that pesky little document we call the Constitution nowhere grants government the authority to force citizens to purchase anything. After reading your thoughts, it occurred to me that you might be happier in Communist China. When you're ready to go, just let me know and me and some of my redneck buddies will buy your ticket.
  • by The Original Bob Location: Perry on Oct 14, 2010 at 06:11 AM
    Doesn't one of Boyd's aides live in Mayo? Is that you Mr. Hart? Here are a few things in the bill old Allen the wife abandoning adulterer doesn't want you to know about: 1) Starting in 2013, not only will you pay the closing costs and real estate fee when you sell your house but now you will pay a 3.8% Sales Tax. So, if you sell your home for $200,000 you will pay $7600.00 in Tax. 2) Individuals will pay 2.5% of their annual income as a fine/penalty/tax if they (we) don’t purchase the government approved health care plan. 3) ObamaCare will be enforced by the Internal Revenue Service. The tax agency plans to hire 16,500 new auditors, agents and investigators, and to increase enforcement audits. The IRS can confiscate tax refunds, place liens on property and seek jail time if health-related penalties and taxes are not paid. These are but a few of the nasty surprises contained in the health care bill that good old Allen forgot to tell us about.
  • by LMBO Location: Idiotland on Oct 13, 2010 at 09:18 PM
    Tort reform lol omg thats what 1% of healthcare budget... Southerland is a liar, a newspaper article is his defense lol you all want to give southerland the purse strings of our nation when he can't pay his own taxes, thats public record lol he is broke, he'll vote for whatever the first lobbyist gives him money to vote for... this race should be between boyd and mckain, whatever percentage of people vote for southerland is the exact same percentage of idiots we have in district 2 lol/ you know why tylenol cost $400 at hospitals, bcus Pablo the illegal Mexican can cut off this finger and have it put back on for free bcus no one MAKES him get healthcare and hospitals can't let him bleed to death.... You all are blinded by your own rage lol dont you get it, the more people that pay into healthcare, the less it cost to you geezz its simple math and there are like same number of healthcare plans, the government doesnt care which you get, just that u get it lol yall make me laugh, rednecks
  • by William Location: Mayo Florida on Oct 13, 2010 at 03:14 PM
    This is what I'm getting at... I gave you a link to the Bill and you didn't even take the time to read nor have you ever read the bill. You couldn't even tell me what section it was in with it right in front of you... Sir or ma'am you need to sit down and shut your mouth until you know what you are talking about. Your comments against Boyd are borderline slander. Your are going off what someone told you instead reading the facts because it is easier for you to be lazy and sit there and complain rather than to read it for yourself. I offered to retract and apologize for anything I mis-stated and I gave you your chance to "Straighten me out" on the topic... but no, you sit there and form a bias opinion about ME because my opinion, which is based on the FACTS I know and read, is different from your opinion which is obviously based on rumors and untruths you've HEARD. You are ignorant and narrow minded. PROVE ME WRONG!! I welcome it!! :) have a nice day!
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