O'Mara Speaks For Client

By: Associated Press Email
By: Associated Press Email

George Zimmerman's attorney says his client was confused and fearful when he allowed his wife to mislead court officials about the couple's finances.
Attorney Mark O'Mara wrote Monday on a website run by Zimmerman's legal team that he would file a motion asking for another bond hearing. A day earlier, Zimmerman returned to jail because his $150,000 bond was revoked.
Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. He claims he shot the teen in self-defense.
Prosecutors say the Zimmermans deceived the court during an April bond hearing when Zimmerman's wife testified they had limited funds. Prosecutors say the Zimmermans really had raised at least $135,000 from a website.
A judge ordered Zimmerman back into custody and says he will hold a hearing so Zimmerman can explain himself.

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  • by LOL on Jun 5, 2012 at 01:37 PM
    I like how the chick on the phone is saying trayvon tried to run from george. LOOK AT GEORGE. Hes overweight middle aged man.. how does he outrun a football player? LOL riiight! trayvon was the agressor and george zimmerman killed him in SELF DEFENSE. Get over it. :)
  • by Rob on Jun 5, 2012 at 10:38 AM
    In all likelyhood, George Zimmerman's bond will probably be drastically reduced. George has consistently proven to be cooperative in every way since the beginning with police... To apologizing to the parents & turning himself in at every request, etc. He has all his evidence & medical reports unlike the prosecution who testified under oath that they didn't have any medical records.... And Mr. O'Mara even wondered why they hadn't asked HIM for them, and said he would provide them with copies of all the records & reports. AND THEY SAY they have hidden new evidence? That's not what they told the court under oath... So why is this case still going on anyway? There shouldn't even BE any bail. It should all be thrown out. Either they don't have any evidence... Or they perjured themselves that they didn't have any evidence. It can't get any clearer than that. They have to have SOMETHING to charge & hold the guy, DON'T THEY? What am I missing here? I don't think the judge is going to be happy with this. Sounds like false imprisonment.
    • reply
      by Rob on Jun 5, 2012 at 11:32 PM in reply to Rob
      The Nerve, 1st of all don't even think about race. That shouldn't enter in to it at all. Many people have already said GZ should have followed that simple order. It's been addressed over again... One more time now... If you listen to the non-emergency tape, it PROVES GZ stopped following. Only reason he started following, the dispatcher told him to keep him updated. You can hear his footsteps stop, he catches his breath, says the guy ran & got away down by the back exit gate. He talks to police, TM has a lot of time to run rings around the complex. All he has to do is walk though his own door. But no... He was allowed to walk & run all through the nghbrhd. But GZ? He wasn't. TM circled back around & attacked GZ in cold blood like a rabid dog trapping a rat. So have a heart for GZ. Send money. He needs it to defend against the racists.
  • by The Nerve on Jun 5, 2012 at 10:09 AM
    Rob murdering an umharmed person is wrong regardless of race, financial status, etc. If it was your family member that was killed or maybe if you had some kind of heart you would understand the reasons for outcry. We as individuals should be allowed to walk through any neighborhood with any type of clothing on regardless of whether crime is in that neighborhood or not. The hour we hang out, clothing we choose to wear shouldn't label you a thug. I'm pretty sure that young man wasn't perfect but that didn't give Mr. Zimmerman the right to disobey the dispatchers order NOT to follow him. This tradegy could have been prevented if he had just followed that simple order.
    • reply
      by :-) on Jun 5, 2012 at 12:14 PM in reply to The Nerve
      It's people like you that have a heart and I love to see people on here with some dang sense! Thanks!!! :-)
      • reply
        by Rob on Jun 5, 2012 at 11:52 PM in reply to :-)
        He doesn't have a heart :-), he want to string GZ up to the gallows because Trayvon Martin was black.
  • by Rob on Jun 5, 2012 at 07:58 AM
    Mr. Crump goes on TV & says this hurts Zimmerman's credibility. And then states that, "ALL the other evidence" points that Zimmerman killed Trayvon in cold blood... WRONG !!! The evidence shows just the opposite. Why all this talk about lying... Yet the Prosecution side lies all the time? They say they have all this evidence, then they testify they bave NOTHING to refute, etc. Trayvon isn't a little boy like in the pictures. Dee Dee isn't his girlfriend. She didn't have to go to the hospital. She could have attended the wake if she wanted. Zimmerman couldn't have caught up with Trayvon. It's all ridiculous. GZ didn't notice that a little boy was black so he chased after him waving a gun & caught up & when the little boy was hollering for help gunned him down like a rabid dog in cold blood...??? Really???
    • reply
      by Get a job on Jun 5, 2012 at 12:13 PM in reply to Rob
      Can you please get a job.... and stop sitting on the computer & posting stupid comments about your opinion! No one cares how you feel..... Your a sad excuse for a human being! I hope this man gets what he deserves and that is put in PRISON for a LONG time..... He didnt do what he was asked being he was too busy trying to play hero and look where that got him. Now Rob I'm assuming your just as scary as this tard and would have shot a 125 lbs 17 year old BLACK kid with NO GUN???? SO SAD it's people like you that prolly put money in this mans accounts in order for him to get off..... Well think again..... I have a good feeling about this and I feel the judge and jury will see the TRUTH and put him where he belongs! Wheather this kid were white, black, blue, green or orange WRONG IS WRONG!!!!!! Now go get a job and hush NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY....... have a great day... your a JOKE!! :-)
      • reply
        by Rob on Jun 5, 2012 at 11:47 PM in reply to Get a job
        The only difference between your posts & my posts... Is mine make sense, and yours don't. For example, look up the news conference of Mr. Crump for March 26 I think it is where he talks about Dee Dee phone calls. He tells the story of GZ presumably catching up to TM while brandishing a gun & TM yelling & hollering for his life. He tells of Puppy Love between the Lovers... That Dee Dee was so distraught she had to go to the hospital & miss the wake. And Dee Dee is said to have even "heard" the grass. Now why does it mean so much to you that you have to say TM was 125 lbs. and he was BLACK? How can the judge send him to the pen when even the prosecution testifies they have nothing to refute the defense? Alot of people care what I say. The truth is getting out & many are contributing money for the innocent man. TM's side is so biased they didn't even care to acquire GZ's medical records. Mr. Crump CLAIMS he pummeled himself to fake the injuries.
        • reply
          by Get a Job on Jun 6, 2012 at 09:14 AM in reply to Rob
          Since you THINK you know so much........ YOU SHOULD JOIN THE DEFENSE TEAM...... LOL YOUR REAL FUNNY!! U ACT LIKE YOU WERE THERE..... Your just one of these people with no life that has prolly so called kept up with this story from day 1..... Get a hobby!!! Eventually justice will be served!! I will pray for you and him too!!
  • by Rob on Jun 5, 2012 at 07:38 AM
    George was scared in jail & he was afraid he didn't have enough money to pay a lawyer for a huge case (Would take millions, right?) Didn't want to "TOUCH" the "DEFENSE" fund that's just starting to come in. And he wants his lawyer to do a good job... So he doesn't want to give him the impression that he won't get paid enough, right? It's DEFINITELY not for Bond Money, right? It's obvious how weak the prosecution is on this because when it 1st came out about the 200K back after Zimmerman's court appearance... Mr. Crump went on TV and he start talking about getting Zimmerman's bail revolked, etc. But then he Changed the Subject right away & started talking about the self-serving apologies again & stated how shameful it was that the defense "CLAIMED" that Zimmerman might be in some sort of danger, etc. Well, you know when people filobuster & change subjects... it just show how weak the real subject actually is. You don't set bond by how rich somebody is. He cooperates in every way.
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