Quincy Residents Protest County Commissioners

By: La'Tasha Givens Email
By: La'Tasha Givens Email

Emotions ran high during the protest because residents tell me they have been saying the same thing but commissioners are not listening. So tonight close to 100 people rallied downtown in front of the courthouse then made their presence know at the commission meeting.

Some of the signs protesters held called for county administrator Johnny Williams and commissioner Doug Crowley to step down, some even called them racist.

But protesters say the signs represent how they feel about how the county is being run. Most of the anger some residents have stems from 36 black county workers being fired in 2009.

When the commission meeting started, protesters packed the chambers and one by one voiced their concerns. Some members of the NAACP from Tallahassee were also in attendance.

Gadsden County NAACP President Samuel Palmer says, "I fell like they already had their mind made up that they we're not going to do anything."

"I believe that the employees fired ans discriminated against should be rehired or promoted ans they should be issued an apology," says Willie Green long time resident.

WCTV did not have an opportunity to speak with commissioners tonight because the meeting was still in progress when I left. But in previous reports commissioners say some employees were fired because of budget cuts.

Commission Chair Sherri Taylor did tell residents their concerns were heard and will be reviewed.

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  • by The Horse Hope Lesson on Mar 25, 2011 at 10:12 AM
    We spent millions of our funding and resource on that Horse Hope Case. A politically motivated case involving one, old, elderly 40 plus year old horse who appeared to be suffering from malnutrition and was put down. For What?...In the end, the judge though it out as non sense and 49 Gadsden County School Employees, both white and black lost their jobs due to lack of funding and now more recently these 30 county employees, both black and white, have lost their job, due to lack of funding. This is not about racism. This is about wasting are funding, resources and time on foolishness. Had they just bought that horse a 5.00 bale of hay, none of our funding would had been wasted and all of these people would still had their jobs....We have got to be smarter than this. We have got to stop throwing are funding away.
  • by Here is one fact on Mar 23, 2011 at 11:28 AM
    Dan, he has not sued yet, because he doesn't have legal grounds. If this case wins, he will have his legal grounds. You are crazy if you think he doesn't have intention of suing, if this case wins. He most certainly does. Goes tell that story to someone else, because I am not buying it. The whole reason why he is testifing is to show evidence that he had to quit under racial injustice and in that circumstance he would most certainly have grounds to come back and persue the county tax payers for damages, but he got get favorable ruling on this case first. Any attorney in town would tell you what I am saying is accuate. You better wake up. They are trying to take your children's education fund. This has nothing to do with racisim. This is about money...and a lot of it.
  • by Friend, stop thowing away are money on litigation on Mar 23, 2011 at 11:12 AM
    Dan, I listed my facts. Florida is at an ultime high for unemployment. Nationally we got more dept than we have ever have.I mean you can google flA unemloyment to get the numbers, but everybody is being laid off and Cindy told you in her comment that it was 16 blacks 13 whites and 1 asian. That not discrimination, that just a sign of the slumping economy that most of us are living in. I don't think I as a laid off single mother of three should have to pay damages to a man making 50,000 plus just because he got laid off and his has dark skin. I mean as a women I don't think I should have to pay that man any money and the fact that he asked that of me under these primisis I find insulting. I am sorry that is just my opinion. What facts are you quoting other than he said she said, coming from a disgruntal employee screeming racsim in hopes of getting a check. I am sorry Dan you don't get damages just because you got laid off and you got darker skin. The community money needs to be put into the community's schools system not into a disgruntal emplyees and his attorney's pocket. The community money should be used to improve the educcation system not to imrove these attorney's lifestyle
  • by dan on Mar 22, 2011 at 08:31 PM
    to your friend, I would like to ask you to clarify your statement that race did not have anything to do with the layoffs.How do you know????What FACTS are you basing that statement on? Check out the facts. Don't rely on heresay or other posters' comments.VERIFY FACTS. FACTS ARE NOT PREDJUDICED. FACTS ARE TRUTH. AND SOMETIMES THE TRUTH IS UGLY.
  • by dan on Mar 22, 2011 at 08:04 PM
    to your friend,a lot of people through out the country have been layed off.The story here is that evidence exists to prove that racial discrimination was done under the guise of budget cuts and reorganization.When you write a "hit list" that only includes blacks and then you place remaining black employees under all white supervisors that is racial discrimination.And yes, I DO KNOW WHY the interim county manager resigned.Your argument about layoffs is apples and oranges.The issue is the METHOD IN WHICH THE LAYOFFS OCCURRED.And the interim manager has not manipulated anything and he most certainly is not personally benefitting.He has testified as to what occurred.Please get your facts straight.You are not being asked to pay him.He resigned.He has not filed a law suit.As for Cindy,again apples and oranges.No one is disputing the layoffs.THE ISSUE IS THE MANNER IN WHICH BLACKS WERE LAYED OFF.Please do not presume to that which you do not know.To those who do know the truth, no matter how you sugar-coat it or pretend that it is something else,the facts remin the same.Sadly,some people will always jump to conclusions when it comes to race.A word of caution is advised.Before you make a foregone conclusion, know the facts.Know them correctly.Don't confuse the players and mostly don't base a decision on personal circumstance.Facts are not biased.
  • by Your Friend on Mar 20, 2011 at 01:06 PM
    Dan, See. I didn't know that. Did you? I am not attacking, but that is something that was crucial to the story why is it not in there? That is a fair question. And it certainly shines a differnet light. Cindy thanks for the info. To those that lost your jobs I am sorry, I hope things get better for you and for me too.
  • by Cindy Location: Quincy on Mar 20, 2011 at 08:09 AM
    In the commission meeting it was stated that 16 blacks, 13 whites and one asian were terminated. I don't see any discrimination in those numbers. Let's see the evidence before we jump to conclusions.
  • by Your friend on Mar 20, 2011 at 04:55 AM
    Dan, we are broke. They don't have the money. This was not a racial attack. Everyone is being layoff. I have been laid off. Florida is at an all time high for unemployment. You do not know why that former intern county manager really resigned. It is feasible he is manipulating the situation for personal profit. I am not saying he is, but allot of people in this area have been laid off. It is not feasible to me that Gadsden County would be the only county in Florida that was not affected by layoffs. I mean that is just ridiculous. It much more feasible that he possibly might be disgruntled and he is trying to gain financially on something the rest of us would have to pay. I lost my job too. I don't think I should have to pay him because he lost his. Certainly you can see how that does not sit well. I don't think I am out of line with you. I think you asking me to pay damages to someone that lost there job, when I have lost my job too, it a little bit out of line. All I am asking is for you to put your feet in my shoes.
  • by dan on Mar 19, 2011 at 08:53 PM
    it is sad that most of the comments regarding this story are simply racial predjudice.Blacks do make up a majority in Gadsden County and statistically it would appear to make sense that any layoffs would hit the black population harder.The issue is because their was a "hit list"drawn up by Commissioner Doug Croley and executed by County Administrator Johhny Williams.This list was comprised of only blacks.There was a systematic agenda to remove only blacks under the guise of reorganization.The former interim county manager resigned because he would not carry out the "hit list".He knew immediately that this was racial discrimination and has testified to the fact.It seems that the race card is played so often that people do not consider whether the facts are true or whether the story has merit.In this case the facts support that racial discrimination did occur.Regardless of whether you are predjudiced against another race, the truth is what it is.Sometimes where there is smoke,there is fire.And just because people may cry "wolf"once too often ,it doesn't mean that the wolf is not standing at the back door.
  • by Your friend on Mar 19, 2011 at 04:11 AM
    I am sorry you all lost your job. I don't whish that on anybody. I have lost mine too. Race had nothing to do with it. People in Tallahassee are being layed off left and right.Locally and Nationally, unemployment is at an all time high. It is happening to everybody, everywhere. I am sorry it has now happened here.Times are hard and everybody is struggling. It will get better soon. We just have to keep the faith.
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