Scott Spoofed, Stays Focused

By: Whitney Ray Email
By: Whitney Ray Email

Tallahassee, FL -- June 13, 2012 --

He’s been asked to pee in a cup, called Mr. Clean and compared to a villain from a popular kid’s movie

“He probably would be doing better if he wasn’t trying to kill Harry Potter,” said Stephen Colbert on his June 27th, 2011 Show.

Governor Rick Scott’s latest appearance on a national comedy show came Tuesday night, when comedian Jon Stewart began his program with this.

“Every now and again, a politician comes along that is just truly terrible and really deserving of more scorn than even we can dole out,” said Stewart on his June 11th, 2012 show.

Stewart went on to mock Scott’s efforts to remove illegal voters from the rolls.

“So a voter purge weighted against Hispanic voters, closing polls on a day when many African Americans vote. Nice Try Governor,” Stewart continued.

But it’s not just Stewart and Stephen Colbert mocking Scott. Jay Leno took a stab at the governor’s chief of staff last month and on a trip to Spain, Spanish comedians had a field day after Scott embarrassed their king.

The King had recently received bad press for an elephant hunting trip he took while the country’s economy tanked. He had put the scandal to rest until Scott’s visit.

But does the governor deserve the jokes, or are these cheap shots? The Chairman of the Florida Democrats says the attacks on Scott’s policies are valid.

“It’s funny to watch it, but the tragedy is, it’s not at all funny as a matter of policy for the state,” said Chairman Rod Smith.

A spokesman for the governor says Scott’s jobs agenda takes precedence over quote watching liberal-leaning comedy shows. As for jokes about Scott’s efforts to stop illegal voters from casting ballots, the governor’s spokesman Lane Wright said quote,

“So far, from that small sample, about 100 non citizens admitted they shouldn’t be on the rolls and have been removed. Of those 52 have actually voted in a past election. Over the past 10 years, five elections have been decided by less than 50 votes. So my question to anyone who disagrees would be, just how many non-citizen votes are you willing to ignore in our election process? How many illegal votes are you comfortable with,” asked Wright.

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