Tallahassee Man Gets Life in 'Spilled Drink' Murder

By: Eyewitness News; Julie Montanaro; Angelica Alvarez Email
By: Eyewitness News; Julie Montanaro; Angelica Alvarez Email

UPDATED 6.20.2012 by Julie Montanaro

It started as a fight at a party in 2010 and it ended today with a life sentence.

Timothy Hanner was found guilty of second degree murder in April.

This afternoon, the judge sentenced him to the maximum of life in prison.

Hanner stood up in court this afternoon and apologized to the victim's family.

Hanner was convicted of shooting and killing Wilson Sagesse near the Sweet Bay Apartments in October 2010.

Police say one of Sagesse's friends threw a drink on Hanner, so Hanner borrowed a gun and opened fire on Sagesse's car as they left the party.

The man who actually threw the drink survived.

UPDATED 4.25.2012

Tallahassee, FL -- A Tallahassee man was found guilty of second-degree murder.

A jury deliberated for four hours before finding Timothy Hanner guilty of second-degree murder.

Hanner is accused of opening fire on an SUV as it left the Sweet Bay Apartments in October 2010. Prosecutors says one of the men inside had thrown a drink on during a party.

That man survived, but the driver, Wilson Sagesse was shot and killed.

Henner's sentencing is scheduled for June 20.

UPDATED 4.25.2012 by Julie Montanaro

A jury is now deliberating in the murder trial of 23 year old Timothy "Pablo" Hanner.

The state rested its case this afternoon. The defense rested soon afterward. Hanner did not testify.

The jury started deliberating at about 3:45 this afternoon. We'll keep you posted on a verdict.
Tallahassee, Florida - April 24, 2012 - 7:22 pm by Angelica Alvarez

Testimony ended at 4pm. The last person on the stand for the prosecution was forensic specialist William Cornegay. Testimony will resume Wednesday morning at 8:45am.


Tallahassee, Florida - April 24, 2012 - 4:10 pm by Angelica Alvarez

Forensic specialist Cornegay identifying photos from crime scene being shown in court.


Tallahassee, Florida - April 24, 2012 - 3:20 pm by Angelica Alvarez

Prosecution has called two forensic experts to the stand since the short break. On the stand now is William Cornegay, a forensics expert with the City of Tallahassee, who responded at 3:45am the morning of the shooting on October 22nd, 2010.


Tallahassee, Florida - April 24, 2012 - 2:50pm by Angelica Alvarez

Prosecution called to the stand Aeisha Spence who was at the party the night of the shooting.

On the stand she testified that she was standing outside the apartment when she heard the shooting and saw Hanner standing near the mailboxes with his hand in the air.

The defense asked Spence why she told police the night of the shooting that she was inside when shots were fired and did not see anything. She told the court that at the time she did not want to get involved.

Prosecution pointed out that days later in a recorded interview with police she changed her story and said she had been outside at the time of the shooting and confirmed seeing Hanner by the mailboxes.

Travis Watkins took the stand just before two. The prosecution asked him if he wanted to testify and he echoed Spence in saying he did not want to get involved.

The prosecution asked him if he owned a gun the night of the shooting. He said he did that he owned a .45 Smith and Wesson. He answered many questions by saying he did not remember. The prosecution asked if he was the one who gave Hanner the gun the night of the shooting. Watkins said he could not remember.

Court wrapping up a brief recess now.

Court is on a short break waiting on a witness to arrive. Christopher Scoff just took the stand to testify about seeing Timothy Hanner after the shooting. The prosecution reminded him that he told police in a recorded interview the day after the shooting that Hanner "did what he had to do".

Today Scoff testified that that was his assumption at the time, not Hanner's exact words.


Tallahassee, Florida - April 24, 2012 - 1pm by Angelica Alvarez

Trial has resumed in the murder case against Timothy Hanner. Prosecution called Devin Houston to the stand.

Houston was at the party at Sweet Bay Apartments the night of the shooting. He and the defendant, Timothey Hanner, were living in the apartment where the party was being held.

Houston testified to seeing Hanner with a gun and says that he saw Hanner shooting. Then he testified to seeing the black SUV leave the apartment complex, cross Old Bainbridge road and hit the tree.

The defense is now questioning Houston.
UPDATED 4.24.2012 11:30 by Julie Montanaro

Tallahassee Police Officer Misty Brown is now testifying. She was the first officer on scene that night.

Brown testified a man was yelling "man down, man down" and pointing into the woodline. She says she waited for backup and then the two officers walked toward the woods and noticed a Ford Explorer that had crashed into a tree.

Brown testified Sagesse was slumped over the steering wheel and his arm was on the window sill. She says she checked for a pulse, but there wasn't one.

Prosecutors flashed pictures of the crash scene on a big screen. They showed a power pole that had been knocked down by the SUV as it careened through the parking lot. There was also a photo of Sagesse dead in the driver's seat.


Tallahassee, Florida - April 24, 2012 - 11am by Julie Montanaro

Timothy Hanner is now on trial for the October 2010 murder of Wilson Sagesse.

Sagesse's friend, Marcelyn Surrin, is on the stand. He was in the car with Sagesse when he was shot.

"He was ducked down but trying to look in the rear view mirror that's when he took a shot to the head," Surrin said.

Surrin said Sagesse's foot was still on the gas and another friend in the front seat was trying to steer. He says they went straight into the church parking lot across the street and crashed into a tree.

Surrin says he had gotten into an argument with "two or three dudes" at a party at the Sweet Bay Club Apartments earlier. He says he threw his drink on them. Surrin testified that as he and his friends left in their SUV, he asked Sagesse to stop by the mailboxes. Surrin says he got out and challenged the same men to a fight.

Surrin testified Sagesse told him to get in the car. He said that's when the shooting started. He said when he tried to close his door, his "window was shattered and I heard shots."


UPDATE 4-23-12

Tallahassee, FL -- by Julie Montanaro

Testimony is expected to begin Tuesday (4-24) in the murder trial of Timothy Hanner.


Updated 10-28 7:37pm

Just as people living in a Tallahassee apartment complex were trying to get over last week's deadly shooting, new information about a possible motive has them feeling uneasy again

Police say everything started across the street during a party last Thursday night. Witnesses say sometime throughout the event someone threw a drink on 21 year old timothy Hanna. By 3:00 the next morning, Wilson Sagesse was found shot to death in this back parking lot.

"There were people everywhere. The cops came to calm the party down."

Jeremy Wade says 10 minutes later.

"I heard the shots and the cops came back."

Around 3:00 on October 22, police were called to the Sweet Bay Club Apartments on Old Bainbridge Road in Tallahassee because of gunshots fired.

Veronique Browning lives in the complex. She said, "My first reaction was that it was sad. Then, my second reaction was Oh, God, another incident. That's really what came to mind that something bad happened again here in Sweet Bay."

22-year-old Wilson Sagesse was found dead across the street in the parking lot of Evangel Assembly of God Church inside of his SUV.

Police say it all started at that party in apartment 1101.

Officers say that a man with Sagesse had thrown a drink on 21-year-old Timothy Hanner. Police say Hanner went and got a gun from a friend, waited on Sagesse by the entrance of the apartment complex, then fired.

Justin Sirmons lives across from the apartment where the party was. He said, "It's a bit ridiculous to know that somebody was killed over a spilled drink. Anything that could have gone wrong that could have possibly led to this , imagine how that same person is going to react over something more than a spilled drink."

Hanner's bond was denied. The people living at Sweet Bay apartments didn't know someone was arrested but they are relieved to hear the news.


*** UPDATE 10-28-2010 12:50 PM by Julie Montanaro ***

Timothy Hanner, 21, who is accused of shooting and killing Wilson Sagesse in his SUV last Friday, made his first appearance before a judge this morning and was denied bond.


*** UPDATE 10-27-2010 4:10 PM ***

Tallahassee Police have arrested Timothy Hanner, 21, in connection with Friday's deadly shooting in the 2300 block of Old Bainbridge Road. Wilson Sagesse died from a gunshot to the head in that fatal incident.

TPD says the motive for the shooting remains under investigation, but is believed to be because of a disagreement at a party.

Timothy Hanner has been charged with first degree murder.

WCTV is attaching the TPD Press Release along with a mug shot of Timothy Hanner. We are also attaching the Probable Cause affidavit.


*** UPDATE 10-27-2010 3:50 PM ***
Tallahassee Police have made an arrest in connection to last Friday's (10/22) fatal shooting near the Sweet Bay Club Apartments. TPD have not released the name of the person they have in custody but WCTV will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest as it becomes available.

Updated 10-22 6:42pm

A Tallahassee man is found dead in a church parking lot.

John Daniels lives at Sweet Bay Club Apartments on Old Bainbridge Road in Tallahassee. He said, "I was trying to go to sleep, but that was interrupted."

Interrupted by gunfire.

Daniels said, "I looked out the window and I saw a big flash and then five minutes later, there was crime scene tape up all over the front. There were cops searching around over here."

Tallahassee Police responded to the gunshots that were heard at the Sweet Bay Club Apartments around 3:00 Friday morning.

But, the victim was found across the street near Evangel Assembly of God Church.

Justin Sirmons also lives at Sweet Bay. He said, "It's a little bit scary knowing that we're in here sleeping and right across the street or in this complex, people have guns and are shooting people."

Police say they found the victim, 22-year-old Wilson Sagesse, in the driver's seat of a black 2002 Ford Explorer.

The SUV had crashed, and work crews were still out later in the day repairing a utilities pole that had been knocked down.

Daniels said, "It's been relatively quiet until all that happened. It's not exactly comforting to know that there is shots going off at 3 in the morning."

Daniels and Sirmons say there was a big party at the complex Thursday night, but investigators have not said if the shooting is related.

Police have not released any information on suspects, leads, arrests, nor motives.

We will air and post any new details on this shooting investigation as soon as they become available.

[UPDATE] 10-22 2:00PM --

TPD has released the name of the victim in the shooting off of Old Bainbridge Road. The victim was Wilson Sagesse (Black male, 12-27-87).

Stay with WCTV for details.


[UPDATE] 10-22 12:00PM --

Tallahassee police are investigating the death of a man found inside a vehicle early this morning.

Police say they got a report of shots fired in the 2300 block of Old Bainbridge Road around 3 a.m.

They found a man dead in the driver seat of a 2002 Ford Explorer in a nearby wooded area.

Police say based on witness statements and their investigation so far, it appears the man was shot to death.

The victim's identity is being withheld until next of kin is notified.

We'll have more details tonight on Eyewitness News.


[UPDATE] 10-22 10:10AM --

The Tallahassee Police Department has issued a statement:

This morning, October 22 at approximately 3:00AM, TPD responded to a report of gunfire in the 2300 block of Old Bainbridge Road. Upon arrival, officers discovered a black 2002 Ford Explorer in a nearby wooded area, occupied by a deceased driver.

Investigator Phil Hinds from TPD’s Violent Crimes Unit responded to the scene. Based on physical evidence and witness statements, the preliminary investigation indicates the driver of the Explorer had been shot. The investigation is on going and details cannot be released.

The identity of the victim is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact TPD at 850-891-4200 or Crime Stoppers at 850-574-8477.


[UPDATE] 10-22 9:05AM --

Police have taped off the area around the Evangel Assembly of God church at 2300 Old Bainbridge Road. Police are still investigating the area this morning. WCTV will have more information later.


[UPDATE] 10-22 7:56AM --

Tallahassee, Florida -- Officer McCranie with the Tallahassee Police Department confirmed that there has been a shooting in the area of Old Bainbridge and High Road, but he was unable to classify the nature of the shooting.

WCTV has a reporter on the scene. Stay with WCTV for more.


Tallahassee, Florida -- Tallahassee Police Department is currently investigating a shooting incident. It happened early Friday morning in the area of High Road and Old Bainbridge .

Officers have not release any details at this time.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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