State Planes on Auction Block

By: Mike Vasilinda Email
By: Mike Vasilinda Email

Tallahassee, FL - As Governor Rick Scott boarded his private jet, two state planes sat in the state hanger a quarter mile away.

Use of the planes was the focus of several campaign ads and helped Scott win the GOP primary, and he made this promise. : “I will sell the state planes” he said in the spots.

As one of his first official acts, Scott ordered the planes sold. A bid is due February 9th.

Asked about the sale before he boarded his jet, Scott told reporters “In the campaign, I said I was going to sell the state plane. It’s a campaign promise I made and I’m going to live up to them”.

As a follow up, he was asked “Are you going to charge the state for any of the overhead, or are you going to pay for it out of your own pocket?” to which the Governor responded “I’m going to pay for it out of my own pocket.”

The planes are being advertised “as is” and a 10% deposit will be forfeited if the winning bidder doesn’t close on the deal. Right now the state spends about two and a half million dollars per year flying and maintaining these planes.

The 2003 Cessna Bravo has a price range between two and a quarter million to three million in online listings. The 2000 King Air has a listed value between one million and a half and three million.

As for other state officials who have use of the planes Scott say “They can drive or fly, commercially.” But air service in and out of Tallahassee is spotty at best.

At 9am on the morning Rick Scott took office, the 11 employees who work in the state air pool were told their jobs were ending on January 31st.

The plane Scott is flying is registered to a company named Columbia Collier Properties LLC, of which Scott is the only member who appears on paperwork filed with the state. The plane’s tail number contains the initials “RS”.

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  • by To Brian on Jan 7, 2011 at 11:34 AM
    I was referring to the rest of his staff and cabinet not the average state worker. Different rules for him since he is king I guess. All the state workers I know drive compact rentals when traveling. Where the money to travel comes from is not the point. The point is there are different rules for him than others. Another insult nice. Feel better? Have a wonderful day Brian.
  • by raidergirl Location: tallahassee on Jan 7, 2011 at 10:20 AM
    So what happens when we don't have a governor with his own private plane? How will the governor get to locations on short notice? Do you remember the hurricanes of 2005? To survey the damage of several areas in the state, the planes were needed by the CFO and cabinet. Luckily we had them. We have to stop looking for "feel good" solutions to real budget waste. This is purely a cosmetic action to look good. In this market, what if they don't sell? The planes will only sell for what the market allows. We may actually lose money. Not many people in the market for 2003 planes...unless you're another billionaire with a billionaire governor for a friend.
  • by Bryan Location: Tallahassee on Jan 7, 2011 at 09:19 AM
    To: He Flew his jet???.... enough is enough... Gov. Scott didn't write a law or enact a rule that stated that no one but him could fly... he just took the state's planes out of the equation as an option to travel for ANYONE... If you, or any other state employee/representative wants to travel by air and can afford to do so, then by all means, go buy you a learjet and "take off"! To: Everyone else reading these comments.... you can believe this ignorance? And I bet he/she votes too!! WOW! Talk about the REAL problem!
  • by GV Location: Ga on Jan 7, 2011 at 08:06 AM
    To anonymous at 9:31,he is not MAKING them do anything.They are free to go buy themselves an airplane if they want.So you're still an idiot.
  • by GV Location: Ga on Jan 7, 2011 at 08:03 AM
    Nick,are you kidding me?Are you just crawling out from under a rock or something?People have been complaining about jeb's spending since he was in office and they are still complaining even though he hasn't been in office in years.Quit showing your ignorance.
  • by To anonymous at 9:31 on Jan 7, 2011 at 07:45 AM
    Yes it was his jet. That is what they said. But he is making other officials fly commercial but not him. So what if it did not cost taxpayers money. Same rules should apply to him. Feel better with the name calling?
  • by Nick Location: Tallahassee on Jan 7, 2011 at 07:14 AM
    Teh fact that Jeb Bush bought the planes in the first place is a relevant fact since this is supposed to be an example of Tallahassee waste. Since a "fiscal conservative" Republican bought them, we hear nothing about that, but imagine the sanctimonious outcry if one of them "tax and spend" Democrats bought them. 12 years of Republican domination in Florida, but somehow Tallahassee still needs "fixin'" and the solution is to elect more Republicans. Way to think it through Florida.
  • by tax payer Location: ga on Jan 7, 2011 at 06:58 AM
    anomymous--thanks for clearing that up for me.
  • by GV Location: Ga on Jan 7, 2011 at 06:35 AM
    Nick,who cares who's admin bought them?
  • by GV Location: Ga on Jan 7, 2011 at 06:34 AM
    He flew his jet???,what are you talking about?Anyone can buy their own plane and use it if they want.
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