TallahasseeVoices: Reaction to Closing Lanes

By: Tallahassee Voices
By: Tallahassee Voices

TallahasseeVoices gets the public's reaction to closing lanes of
traffic on Gaines and Tennessee.

TallahasseeVoices is a pro bono internet survey panel sponsored by Kerr & Downs Research. Survey was conducted in October 2010; 545 of the 6,000 panel members responded. Results were weighted to reflect the demographics of the 90%+ local residents who have access to the internet at home, work, or school.

The Findings:

Citizens oppose reducing traffic lanes

* 6 in 10 residents oppose a proposal to convert the 2 curb lanes of West Tennessee Street around FSU to bicycle and pedestrian traffic.
* The proposal was described as:
“totally ridiculous”

* 56% of residents oppose (23% support) a trend that is adverse to vehicle traffic including:
Closing Pensacola Street near the FSU stadium
Closing 2 of Gaines Street’s 4 lanes
Converting 2 of West Tennessee Street’s 6 lanes to pedestrian/bicycle traffic

There is a proposal to convert the 2 curb lanes of West Tennessee Street around FSU to bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The curb lanes would be used by City buses, bicyclists and vehicles making right hand turns. Supporters of this concept say it will increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. Opponents of this concept say it will not lead to increased safety and it will create traffic problems. With which group do you agree?

1) Converting curb lanes will increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians - 23%
2) Converting curb lanes will not enhance safety and it will create more traffic problems - 60%
3) Not sure - 18 %

Here are some of teh comments that came from the survey:
* It is a totally ridiculous proposal. It will be unenforceable and will cause even more problems with safety. There are way too many vehicles on that road to decrease flow capacity.

* Bicycles and buses don't mix well. Straight driving is one thing, but a bus going around a curve or making a turn is another thing. Bicycles should be allowed on the side walks on any four-lane or wider road.

* I agree that this strip of road is very dangerous, but I'm not sure how to fix it, I don't think this is the way.

* I support this proposal, even if it causes increased vehicular traffic congestion. Giving buses an advantage in heavy traffic may increase ridership. Tallahassee should support all modes of travel.

* As a cyclist, I'm not sure about looking in my rear view mirror and seeing a bus barreling down on me. Not sure It makes me feel much safer.

In the past several years, Pensacola Street has been closed near the FSU stadium, Gaines Street is losing 2 of its 4 lanes, and now there is a proposal to convert 2 of West Tennessee Street’s 6 lanes to bus and bicycle traffic. Do you support or oppose this trend?

1) Support - 23%
2) Oppose - 56%
3) Not Sure - 21%

Comments associated with this question:

* What have our City planners been smoking – all the pot heads from the 70s are now making decisions – WOW

* Even though the idea sounds good, unfortunately, Tennessee street and Monroe Street have become important roads that you can't avoid due to their proximity to FSU, Library, Bus station and the Legislature.
Making an extra bike lane may not solve the problem.

* I would like to see Tallahassee become more user friendly to the biking community, but I don't know how they intend to deal with the traffic situation once these lanes are closed.

* It is good to have more pedestrian and bike lanes, but not at the expense of lanes for cars. Before they started on Gaines should have had a route for all the cars that travel on Gaines now. Same goes for Tennessee Street -- it is always bumper to bumper.

* Where will the extra traffic go?

* We have to make non-polluting forms of transportation (walking, bicycling, etc.) and public transportation more convenient for a wide variety of reasons.

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