Allergy Season Taking A Toll

By: Winnie Wright Email
By: Winnie Wright Email
After an unusually cold winter, many were more than happy to welcome spring back to the Big Bend.. but warmer temperatures bring an unwelcome guest... pollen.

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Winnie Wright
March 24, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Allergy season is taking a toll on many across the big bend. "Itchy eyes, watery nose, congestion, I get really bad migraines, and this spring has been pretty bad because of the high pollen count, and all the trees that I'm allergic to; the pine, the oak, the juniper", says Jacey Mann, a lifelong allergy sufferer.

According to, allergy levels are at 10.4 in Valdosta and Thomasville and 9.8 in Tallahassee, Allergist, Ron Saff says being consistent is key.

"For people who have severe allergies, over the counter Claritin works well, that can be coupled with over the counter Zaditor or Alaway, which are over the counter allergy eye drops. Coupled with an over the counter nasal steroid such as Triamcinolone. That combination will help a large percentage of people", says Allergist Dr. Ron Saff.

Though the blooming trees may be beautiful, leaving your windows open to enjoy them could trigger allergies. Dr. Saff says,there are a few otherthings you can do around the house to limit your suffering.

"You don't want pollen laden air coming in to your car. It's a good idea, if you spend a lot of time outdoors to shower as soon as you come in to the house to wash those pollen grains off of you. It's a good idea to change your clothing. Take your clothing off as soon as you get into the house", he says.

And as it turns out... even your car isn't safe against pollen.

"So not only does the protein in pollen affect the paint on your car, but it also gets in to your cabin air filter and it makes it hard for you to breathe", says Haley Herring of Super Suds Car Wash.

According to Dr. Saff, this has been an unusual allergy season. He says typically plants in this area start blooming injanuary, causing allergies, but this season, blooming didn't take off until last weekend.

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