New "Slow Poke" Law Being Enforced In Georgia

By: Emily Johnson
July 14, 2014

Thomasville, GA - We've all been guilty of it, driving in the left lane for a long stretch of time. Well now doing this is actually illegal in the state of Georgia.

As of July 1ST House Bill 459 amended Georgia's law on driving in the left lane. Instead of driving in the left lane for long periods of time the new law states that the left lane should only be used for passing.

Georgia State Patrol said it's now on the lookout for people not obeying the this law.

"Speed enforcement is our number one priority, however we do look for slower driver that's impeding the flow of traffic in the left lane," said Trooper Stewart Parker, Georgia State Patrol Post 12.

The new law states that you can't drive in the left lane unless for these provisions:
1. When traffic conditions or congestion make it necessary to drive in the passing lane.
2. When inclement weather, obstructions or hazards make it necessary to drive in the passing lane.
3. When compliance with a law of this state or with an official traffic control device makes it necessary to drive in the passing lane.
4. When a vehicle must be driven in the passing lane to exit or turn left
5. On toll highways, when necessary to pay a toll or use a pass
6. To authorized emergency vehicles engaged in official duties
7. To vehicles engaged in highway maintenance and construction operations.

GSP Post 12 told us they see a lot of people driving in the left lane on Highways 319 and 19. They said they have stopped folks who are breaking this new law, but that they haven't given out any citations yet. Right now they're giving out warnings and educating people about the law.

Folks in Thomasville have mixed reviews about the law.

"It's probably a good thing that they're making people get out of the passing lane if there going to be going slow," said James Tanner, Thomasville Resident.

"There's more important things that they could be looking for as in speeders or other violators here in this county other than just people driving in the left lane," said Laura Myrick, Thomasville Resident.

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