Man Locked up 27 Years Seeks Compensation

To hear his lawyer tell it, it was a scheme of cohesion and cover up that landed 50-year old William Dillon behind bars for 27 years.

Dillon was convicted of murder in 1981.

The Brevard County prosecutor at the time used evidence that didn’t fit, literally.

A medium tee-shirt covered with the victim’s blood was linked to the 6’4 Dillon.

Forensic scientists tested samples from the shirt in 2008, but Dillon’s DNA couldn’t be found. Dillon’s name was cleared a few weeks later.

“The final release was such a relief, but now I’m relieving this again.

Going back into the same courthouse appeals and going back into the same situation and it’s drawing on me,” said Dillon.

During his first hour in prison, five inmates raped the then 21-year-old.

Dillon’s legal team is asking the state legislature for 2.4 million dollars for lost time and suffering.

“This compensation is not just because they took his freedom away.

They took away a lot of things he would have through a normal course of life if he had been allowed to go out and work and benefit from his own region,” said Sandy D’Alemberte with the Innocence Project of Florida.

Florida law allows the wrongfully incarnated to seek compensation if they haven’t been convicted of any other crimes.

Dillon was convicted of a drug charge two year prior to the murder.

Two administrative judges acting on behalf of the House and Senate will make recommendations to the legislature on whether or not Dillon’s bill should be heard.

A jail house snitch who fabricated a story to help convict Dillon showed up at today’s hearing.

He testified and asked Dillon to forgive him.

The two men embraced after his testimony.

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