Cedric Brooks Sentencing

By: Marise Estime Email
By: Marise Estime Email

Cedric Brooks was sentenced Monday to 10 years behind bars, but he still maintains his innocence. The father of three young girls says he would never sexually molest or hurt anyone. He also says he's innocent and should be set free, but the victim says he deserves to be in prison.

Cedric Brooks said, "I made a commitment to do whatever I can to help children."

Brooks wept as he spoke before Judge John Cooper at his sentencing hearing in courtroom 3B, still maintaining his innocence.

Cedric Brooks said, "That child knows I didn't touch her. I have three young daughters."

Brooks was convicted last month of lewd and lascivious acts on a minor. School surveillance video showed the two walking into the boys locker room in the early morning hours last April, and that video may have sealed his fate.

The teenage victim said, "We both know the truth. I know it in my heart and he knows it. I was taken advantage of by him someone I knew I could trust and I did not deserve this."

The victim's mother added, "Cedric Brooks deserved the maximum time for the crimes he's charged with. The sentence should be an example what we in society will not tolerate from any adult."

At least a half dozen of Brooks’ family members were in court, his mother and sister asking the judge for a lighter sentence.

Paula Gilley, Brooks’ sister, said, "I pled mercy on the court for my brother because he has continually made an impact in the community with children."

After listening to both sides the judge rendered his final decision.

Judge John Cooper said, "You are sentenced to 10 years in the Department of Corrections with credit for 45 days."

Upon release Brooks will be placed on two years probation and must register as a sex offender.

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  • by Robynn Location: Tallahassee on Oct 9, 2007 at 01:41 PM
    i can honestly say this girl is lying. i was with this man 24/7 since feb. 23, 06 till she got him in all this trouble and he never once tried anything with me he was an encouraging and optimistic person and his mission was to help kids not hurt them by no means possible. im not related to him but he called me his daughter because him and my mom were dating and she would never put her 2 girls in danger by no means possible. yes i admit he wasnt using his head when he went and picked her up but usually he'd ask me to go pick up a student that calls his phone because usually they were my friends anyway but from day 1 of me going to rickards i knew she was an OUT THERE female i also knew her when we stayed in panama city together and she had the same reputation, but that night him and my mom were drunk and got into a fight while at the club and he just left out of anger. i really miss him he was my best friend i wish he wouldve let me testify than maybe i couldve helped out in some way!!!!
  • by ?????????? Location: Tallahassee on Jun 13, 2007 at 08:31 PM
    This is an outrage.....that girl went there on her own freewill and she knew what she was going for. The only thing that should be held against this man is his stupidity, for not using better judgement. Men need to start using common sense where these young girls are concerned. That child first all should not have been out of her parents house in the wee hours of the morning, and that grown man should not have left his home to go meet that child, at the school of all places. Teachers should not be the ones running to the aide of students after school hours..........10 years to long for this man to have to pay for his first mistake
  • by Jeannine Location: Nashville on Jun 12, 2007 at 02:53 PM
    10 years of a man's life is taken away from him and of his own children based on this girl's word against his. if he innocently tried to help the girl can one imagine what he is going through?? what his babies are going through? 10 yrs for touching a breast- no intercourse??? and these judges give lighter sentences for worse crimes. i feel sad for this man and his family. i hope the truth eventually does surface and he is set free.
  • by Valene Location: Tallahassee on Jun 12, 2007 at 08:07 AM
    This is outragous. Does any one think that she played a part in this??? Did he drag her into the locker room? Did he have a weapon and force her into the locker room? I believe they are both with holding the truth...They were involved! She went in there wanting him and his lack of judgemnt was lost in an attractive young female wanting him. She did this for personal gain. From what I understand it was 1 something in the morning? Why was she at the school? Why didn't her parents know where she was? Did he come kiddnap her from home to? NO, she went to meet hima and be with him, cause she's a lil ho. Most females get involved with teachers in highschool, most of them are mature and don't punish the teacher for their curiosity.
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