Three Shot, Two at Tallahassee Apartment Complex

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UPDATED 8.12.2010 6:55pm by Julie Montanaro

Two men are shot - possibly three - and police are hitting a brick wall in their quest to answer the questions who did it and why.

The shots rang out on Texas Street this morning in a complex that's no stranger to gunfire.

This woman is too afraid to show her face or tell us her name, but she has plenty to say about the violence unfolding in her apartment complex here at 2525 Texas Street.

"I've done seen people get killed, a lot of them been shot, all kind of stuff going on out here," she said as she sat on her second story balcony with a newborn on her lap.

Two men and possibly a third were shot just before three am Thursday morning near building G, but police say no one's talking and they have yet to figure out what happened.

There was a murder outside building G in March, a shooting in this complex in January and a check of TPD records shows 77 calls at the Sunrise Apartments in just the past 6 months: murder, attempted murder, assault, battery, robbery, drugs and more.

SGT Dave Ferrell has been responding to calls in the neighborhood for the past 27 years.

"We're out here patrolling day and night and unfortunately the violence and the violent crime just continue to plague this area," Ferrell said.

So what goes through your mind when you're on patrol at night and hear 2525 Texas Street come over the radio?

"Here we go again."

"They need to realize people have little kids over here and children be out here and sometimes even if they're not out here, those bullets can go through windows," the woman said. "People have children sleeping out here, they just need to leave that mess where they stay at."

Police tell us the complex has hired some off duty officers as security, but say those officers were not working this morning when the shooting happened.

We did leave a message in the management office hoping to get more information about security measures there. We have not received a call back.

**** UPDATE 4:23 PM on 8-12-2010 ****
Tallahassee Police Department does not have any suspects at this time as the three victims have been unwilling to cooperate with police, and witnesses have been slow to come foward.

We will continue to follow this story and will bring forward any new developments as they become available.


At about 2:45 Thursday morning officers responded to a shooting at The Sunrise Place Apartment Complex, located at 2525 Texas Street, near "Building G".

Two men were shot and suffered non life threatening wounds.

A short time later, a third person arrived at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound, also non life threatening.

There are no other details at this time.

We will update as more information becomes available.


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