Dozens Walk In Honor Of Slain FSU Graduate Student

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By Saundra Weathers
August 21, 2012

Beth Frady fights back tears as she shares memories she shared with her friend, FSU graduate Student ,Vincent Binder.

Even though its been a few months its not been long enough," said Frady.

"When our friend disappeared it hurt us all very deeply," she said.

Binder went missing in April and was later found dead. Three men are accused of kidnapping and killing him. And now his friends are hitting the pavement and walking with their buddies to try and prevent another tragedy from happening again.

"The walk itself. Walking with buddies symbolizes not walking alone at night. It's something that not only FSU students need to remember but it's universities nationwide," said Frady.

Binder's friend, Andrew Chick said, "I think its a step in the right direction and I don't mean just literal. Its just helping us because we're starting a new school year without our friend."

Friends say Binder was known for his clever use of words and when asked how they describe him it was simple.

"Charismatic, brilliant and a wonderful friend," said Frady.

"Hysterical, nonsensical and best friend," said friend, Danielle Hegedus.

"Brilliant, charming and real," Chick said.

"Three words about Binder... positive step forward," said friend, James Brey.

And by walking together Binder's buddies are hoping other students won't walk alone.

Tallhassee, FL - The School of Communication family lost a valued member in April when graduate student and teaching assistant Vincent Binder was abducted and slain. Because of the timing, we were unable to hold a local memorial service before the university community scattered for the summer.

A group of Vincent’s friends, classmates and faculty has planned a memorial service for 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21, in 128 Diffenbaugh on The Florida State University campus. Anyone who wants to help celebrate his life is welcome to attend.


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