Explosion at Langboard Inc.

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Updated 9-22 5:37 pm

Tuesday night around eight o'clock a loud bang sent residents running to Langboard corporation searching for answers.

Officials say an explosion in the area used to process dry wood ignited a fire that shot through the top of this building. No one was injured in the blast.

Betty Waycaster lives across the street from the plant. She was out walking her dog when she heard the noise.

"I heard this big, I mean it was a big explosion. And I went in the house and asked my husband, he just got out of the hospital, I said did you hear something like a blow up he said, I sure did," said Waycaster.

And her son says it's not the first time this has happened.

"I've been in this house six years and they've had two or three fires and firetrucks from all around... I don't know what caused it," Ira Moore.

Langboard Inc. is closed Wednesday while officials work on repairs. They say the damage is minor and workers should be back on the job Thursday.

The company issued a statement Wednesday saying "Thankfully no one was injured. And we appreciate everyones concerns."

Brooks County, GA - Langboard officials say the explosion happened around eight Tuesday night in the section where they dry the processed wood.

Firefighters and deputies from both Brooks and Lowndes County fought the blaze.

Residents say the fire came bursting out of the top of one of the buildings as firefighters worked to contain it.

There were no reported injuries.

No exact cause for the explosion has been determined, but authorities say the fire remains under investigation.

Langboard, owned by the Langdale Company, is a green manufacturing plant that makes oriented strand board, used primarily in construction.

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