Stop, Drop and Roll - Students Learn About Fire Prevention Week

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Marianna, Florida --

The National Fire Prevention Agency estimates there were approximately 1.3 Million fires last year which killed more than 3,000 people.

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, Jackson County Fire Agencies are educating hundreds of elementary school students on how to prepare for one.

This year’s national fire safety campaign focuses on smoke alarms.

At the sound of a smoke alarm, Golson Elementary students quickly learned how to safely evacuate from a trailer.

"It's basically set up as a mini-house, we let the kids go in and we demonstrate smoke detectors to them, talk to them about not opening hot doors and things like that," said Capt. Chuck Sawyer, Jackson Co. Fire Marshal.

The main focus this year is smoke detectors.

Fire experts say people often forget to change the batteries, which they recommend doing at least twice a year, and testing them monthly.

Even though the test used only used artificial smoke, the kindergarten and first grade students took the lessons to heart.

"If you see your friend playing with fire, run and tell an adult." Lily Roberts, 1st grade student, said.

"They're the 'why?' group, they always ask 'why?' So we try to answer a lot of their questions, we put our guys in actual bunker gear to where they see what the firefighters would look like in the event they had to come into the house to rescue them." Marianna Fire Chief Byron Bennett said.

"We wanted the kids to know how we do it, what equipment we use to do it," Forest Ranger Shepherd Myrick said.

Fire officials are hoping the students will pass on Monday’s knowledge onto their friends and family.

"It was fun because I learned about a bunch of fire!" Trista Williams, 1st grade student, said.

The fire agencies will visit all of the Jackson County elementary schools and the event will conclude with Marianna’s Firefighter Funday this Saturday (Oct. 9) from 9AM to 1PM.


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