S.A.I.L. High School Wins Award

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S.A.I.L. high school students had plenty to smile about on Tuesday.

S.A.I.L. is one of six schools in the nation to be chosen as the inaugural recipient of the College Board Award for Excellence.

The award celebrates schools that have implemented art programs that promote student learning and creativity. S.A.I.L. students say the national honor is a big deal for the small school.

Melissa Farrell is a dancer at S.A.I.L. She said, "I'm so excited that S.A.I.L. actually got this award because you know we are one of the smallest schools in Tallahassee. We only have 400 kids, and you know what we are going to show them that we can still run with the other high schools."

The students showcased their talents held at the school this Tuesday morning. Performances included a yo-yo'er, a bluegrass band, a choir and a poetry reading.


SAIL High School Receives National Award for Innovation in the Arts

Tallahassee, FL - SAIL High School is one of six schools in the United States to be chosen as the inaugural recipient of the College Board Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts. Granted to one school in each of the College Board regions, this award was established to recognize and celebrate the achievements of K-12 institutions that have implemented an arts program that promotes student learning and creativity in exemplary and innovative ways.

“SAIL High School continues on the path of excellence and high performance,” said Superintendent Jackie Pons. “This national recognition only reinforces the success of their students, parents, staff and community and I congratulate everyone on this great achievement.”
SAIL was chosen from applicants across the College Board’s Southern region, which consists of 10 states (LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, SC, NC, TN, KY, VA).

“The selection committee was very impressed with the diverse array of student artwork that was reflected in SAIL’s work sample and the high level of engagement and achievement that was reflected throughout. Your commitment to admitting students to SAIL regardless of their prior art experience and academic achievement, shows a commitment to access and equity that we greatly admire, and makes the high level of artistic and academic achievement even more inspiring. We are delighted to present SAIL High School with a $3,000 award to support its exemplary arts programming.”
-- Nancy Rubino, Director of Office of Academic Initiatives at the College Board

Tiffany Thomas, Assistant Principal, will accept the award on behalf of SAIL at the College Board’s Regional Forum in Atlanta on February 10- 11, 2011

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