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UPDATE 8-15-2011


Tallahassee, FL - Former TPD officer Brian Hart was sentenced in Leon County Court this afternoon for the charge of misdemeanor battery. He was sentenced to 15 days in the Leon County jail or 30
days in the jail work camp followed by one year of probation and periodic alcohol checks. In addition, Mr. Hart is not allowed contact with the victim, must attend anger management classes, and is responsible for court costs.

The criminal allegation against Mr. Hart was received by TPD January 24th, 2011. An internal investigation ended with Mr. Hart being arrested and charged with battery. On May 10th, 2011 Mr. Hart was terminated by Chief Jones for sustained violations of department policy to include unbecoming conduct, violation of rules and
laws, and alcohol abuse.

“If an officer violates the trust of our citizens there must be accountability. I will not tolerate any violation of our public trust” said Chief Dennis Jones.

Sentenced: Brian Hart white male 11/11/80


UPDATE 5-6-2011


Tallahassee, FL - On January 24, 2011, the Tallahassee Police Department initiated an investigation due to allegations of abuse by an officer. When the facts of the investigation were confirmed Officer Brian Hart was immediately placed on administrative leave.

The investigation sustained violations of unbecoming conduct, alcohol abuse and violations of rules and laws. Hart was notified early this morning that his employment with the Tallahassee Police Department has been terminated. Hart had been an employee of
the Tallahassee Police Department since July 2008.


Tallahassee, FL - On Friday, February 4, two criminal warrants were issued for the arrest of Tallahassee Police Officer Brian Hart. In a complaint filed with investigators, Hart's former girlfriend (victim) claimed that on several different occasions Hart was verbally and physically abusive. According to the victim, she and Hart had lived together at Hart's apartment from June 2010 until January 2011.

Prior to the allegations of domestic violence, the Tallahassee Police Department received a complaint during the early morning hours of Monday, January 24, 2011. A female complainant explained to officers that she had been at 1800 West Tennessee Street (AJ's Bar). The female told officers that a male, later identified as Brian Hart, was pulling her hair and making rude gestures. Investigators conducted a photo lineup and Hart was identified by the female victim.

When the facts of the investigation were confirmed, Chief Dennis Jones immediately placed Brian Hart on administrative leave. As the case continued, probable cause for the arrest of Hart was obtained. Hart has been an employee of the Tallahassee Police Department since July, 2008.

"The trust of our community is paramount to our success in fighting crime and keeping our citizens safe. We will not allow anyone, including a member of this department to violate our public trust," said Deputy Chief Cheryl Stewart.


Brian Hart, White male, 30, Charges: Battery, and Domestic Battery

***NOTE: Probable Cause Attached

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