State of Florida Sells Driver Information


Name, address, date of birth. It's all posted on your driver license.

But, it's also information that the State of Florida sells.

Tallahassee resident Sean Santalla says, "That's honestly pretty shocking. It's not something that I think the government should be doing or the DMV. It's definitely a violation of privacy, I think."

Florida sells drivers' names, addresses, dates of birth and what cars they own to personal data collection firms.

The state raked in $63 million last year.

Tallahassee resident Dale Landry says, "I don't think it's fair at all. I think they should at least let it be known to the person."

A spokesperson for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Ann Howard, says, the companies are entitled to the information per the Driver Privacy Protection Act.

Howard says, "These companies exist for a reason. If it were not for them, it would take Floridians weeks to get insurance coverage, for example, because the department would be the only option to check someone's driving record."

"These companies do help speed the process along." Says Howard.

Howard says your information cannot be used for solicitations, like a restaurant or car dealership trying to get you to buy from them. But, if you do happen to buy a car, officials say they can use the information to try to protect you.

"During a motor vehicle recall, these companies help get the right information out to these other companies who need it." Howard adds.

Howard says the state never gives out social security numbers.

The profit from the information does go back to the department.

For information on the Driver Privacy Protection Act, go to WWW.FLHSMV.GOV. Click on "Find It!, click on the letter "D" then scroll down to "Driver Privacy Protection."


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