Baby Murder Follow-Up

A weekend home invasion in Thomasville leaves an unborn child dead and his parents injured.

A Thomasville family is pulling together in their time of tragedy. It takes a strong family to help loved ones pull through a tough situation. We spoke to the home invasion victim Ricardo Mitchell, and his grieving but very strong family.

Family and friends stopped by to check on Ricardo Mitchell one day after he was beaten with the butt of a shotgun.

"I am very thankful; I give God all the glory for sparing my brother's life because he really could have been killed, and also to 'Kelia, I'm very sorry she lost her baby, that the baby died, but I'm just thankful she's alive," said Celaya O'Neal, the sister of the home invasion victim.

The scars on Ricardo Mitchell's head are still visible from the event that he says will forever change his life.

"I don't think I'll ever be the same. I don't know. We'll never be the same after this. We'll never be the same," said Mitchell, father and home invasion victim.

Police say the tragic event began early Saturday morning just after 5 a.m. Mitchell says three men wearing all black and armed with guns stormed into his Thomasville home on Isabel Street demanding money.

Mitchell says they beat him and shot his pregnant girlfriend, 18-year-old Takeila Johnson in the abdomen. Police say Mitchell was coherent enough to 911. The victims were rushed to Archbold Hospital. Sadly, the couple's child, who Mitchell says was to be named Ricardo, Jr., did not survive.

“I feel there ain't no justice for them, an innocent baby? They could of killed all of us. I feel like there ain't no justice to tell you the truth," said Mitchell.

Mitchell was released late Saturday afternoon. He says his girlfriend is still hospitalized, but expects her to be released in the next few days. Mitchell and his family says their confident the suspects in the case will be arrested soon.

Meanwhile, family and friends, as you can imagine, are grieving the loss of a loved one whose life was only just beginning.

The police investigation is ongoing. Thomasville police encourage anyone with information to contact 229-227-3302.