Arlene Scare or Scoff?

Hurricane season is still in full swing, and with one named storm under our belt, the question arises: were you ready?

High winds and rough waters crashed the Gulf coast as Tropical Storm Arlene made landfall Saturday afternoon.

Many residents were out enjoying the day after, unfazed by this weekend's bad weather, but some shoppers are taking advantage of last minute shopping for hurricane supplies. The tax break ends June 12.

"We were ready for it, but it wasn't nearly as bad as they expected, but I was glad to see people getting ready ahead of time, especially with sale tax that they had and everything. I thought that was pretty good," said resident Tony Vizcarrondo.

So did people take advantage of the break? And were residents prepared as Tropical Storm Arlene brewed in the Gulf?

"More so mentally then as far as buying water. I still have some things from last year," said resident Tony Gilbert.

But to accommodate customers this year, local hardware stores loaded up hurricane supplies. The biggest seller they reported so far: generators, but there was other merchandise in demand.

"I was pretty well prepared for it. I had gone out and got water, batteries for my flashlights, candles, that sort of thing," said resident Safee Harris.

After last year's devastating hurricane season the general consensus seems to be prepared before it's too late.

Initial damage reports from Tropical Storm Arlene were minimal, about 11,000 homes, and businesses on the Gulf coast were without power.