Quincy Robbery Suspect

Clinton Robinson of Gadsden County called the Gadsden County sheriff at his home Monday morning. He told the sheriff that he was the man who robbed the Capital City Bank in Quincy last Thursday.

It appears his conscience just wouldn't let him get away with it. Quincy and Tallahassee police officers surround the motel room of 38-year-old Clinton Robinson of Gadsden County.

Quincy Police Chief Gerald McSwain says Robinson had been at the Motel 6 on North Monroe Street in Tallahassee all weekend expecting police at any moment.

Chief Gerald McSwain says, "He had been watching the news. He was waiting on the motel to call and say 'we have a guy here spending $50 bills.' That didn't happen, so he decided to call the sheriff."

Robinson called Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young at his home just after 8 o'clock Monday morning confessing that he is the man who robbed the Capital City Bank in Quincy.

Surveillance cameras captured photos on June 9 as the robber handed the teller a bag and demanded all $50 bills.

Jimmy Suber, Community President of Capital City Bank says, "It was a lot of anxiety on the part of the staff, the fact that someone would come in and do this. Obviously no one likes to have their pocketbook taken away from them, let alone the bank being robbed."

Robinson was arrested without incident. Officers arrived at the motel around 10:30, giving the suspect about two hours of sleep at his request.

Chief McSwain says they did have several leads on other persons of interest. Robinson was not on that list.

As far as why Robinson robbed the bank, the chief says that it was just a cry for help. Apparently Robinson had worked in security, but had been unemployed for the past two months.