Jefferson County Watermelons

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Steve Walker is one of two watermelon farmers in Jefferson County. He's been growing the fruit since 1982. He says this year's inclement weather wreaked havoc on his 90 acre field.

Steve says, "We've had record cold nights, I guess the good news, if any, it's affected all the groves from central to North Georgia and Carolina.

Walker says as a result of bad weather the season for the crop is backed up across the southeast, and now there's a high demand for the fruit, forcing organizers of this year's annual watermelon parade to seek the crop outside the rural area.

Walker says, "They've had to go in from central Florida to bring in watermelons in so there won't be any local watermelons, but they'll have plenty for everybody to sample and enjoy.

In the meantime, residents will have to wait just a little longer to sample the watermelons from their own backyard.

Farmers expect to be picking the crops next week, making it to your house just in time for the summer. The watermelon festival kicks off Saturday morning with breakfast starting at 7:30. The parade is schedule to begin at 10:00 a.m.