New Roads Ahead

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The dirt roads don't look like a transportation problem, but mix in a strong storm and they become almost impassible.

That's why Lowndes County leaders are pushing forward with plans to turn the dirt roads into roads covered in a cheap, asphalt like covering called "triple surface."

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County spokesperson, says, "Just because you don't see those trucks on the road don't mean that we're not paving. Right now we've got almost $4 million in active projects and we'll continue to look at ways to improve, such as our surface plan to get the most for the citizens' dollar."

Experts say that should translate into many miles of dirt roads converted into smooth, easy driving routes.

Once the road projects get underway, the need for these huge machines to head out onto dirt roads will be cut down drastically. Officials say that will mean smother rides for drivers and less maintenance for county leaders.

Mike Fletcher, a county engineer, says, "With the surface treatment, projects that we're doing, we're also upgrading the drainage system to stop water from covering roads, adding additional pipes, bigger pipes."

It’s a major effort to improve traffic flow and officials hope to get moving on this project soon.

Paige Dukes says, "As fast as we can collect the money, they're ready to put it to work."

It’s work which should really be noticeable to drivers in the coming months. Funding for these road improvement comes from a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax approved by voters back in 2003.