Heat Dangers

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Brentha Mann definitely has good reason to smile. Although she is homeless, she's found a shelter that keeps her out of the summer heat.

Brentha says, "If I was out there right now it would be miserable. I don't know how people can breathe out there, not very long at a time."

Many other homeless people though are braving the heat because shelter is hard to find right now.

Jane Osborn, who works to end homelessness in south Georgia, says, "Everybody needs something to drink, some place cool to be, and that's the hardest part; we don't have enough shelter spaces."

It’s a problem that's facing many shelters in our area and causing great concern among the homeless population.

While homeless folks all over our region are battling the heat right now, it looks like south Georgia may have its saving grace: big trees that provide shade, giving homeless people a chance to escape the sun, but it appears that may not be quite enough.

Brentha Mann says, "There were two guys that came up a while ago and asked me if they could have water beside the building, and I was like, sure."

It’s a lifesaving gesture advocates of the homeless say is crucial to making it through another intense summer.

211 leaders say donating food and water to your local food bank is the best way to help the homeless beat the heat this summer.