Trying to Rebuild After Dennis

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On the coast residents continue to sweep away the pain felt by Hurricane Dennis.

Cleanup efforts continue in Shell Point where homes are condemned and lives are changed forever. The sound of bulldozers echo through this sleepy town, a stark contrast to the laidback lifestyle of Shell Point, Florida, but these days are anything but normal.

"I didn't cry this time; I felt like it can't be that bad.”

Bad doesn't describe the damage inside Linda Bass' home. Her 30-year-old property in paradise is bare to the bone. A window blew out first.

Hurricane Dennis left little to salvage, but the loss of all her furniture and personal belongings doesn't compare to the loss of her husband. Miss Linda says her husband passed away less than a year ago and Hurricane Dennis has reopened old wounds.

Wounds that make her ravaged home seem less important.

“Not as important as losing him. It happened so fast; he was healthier than I am.”

Just six months ago Linda and her husband Ennis were excited about plans to clean up their town. The couple of 56 years loved Shell Point. They built their home from scratch with four hands and two hearts. Now as the rebuilding begins, there's only one person to hold down the fort, and Linda says that is the hardest part.

Linda bass lost her husband Ennis to a battle with Alzheimer’s last fall. She says the house can be repaired and his memory will live on.