Business Brief

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Gas prices are up a dime in the past two weeks. The average price is now $2.93 a gallon.

Delphi Automotive, the biggest U.S. auto parts supplier, filed for bankruptcy over the weekend, the biggest filing in U.S. automotive history.

Some Biotech companies developing treatments to fight avian flu gained, companies like Biocryst Pharmaceuticals and Gilead Sciences.

If you've ever called in sick when you're not, you're not alone. A new survey of absenteeism finds 43 percent of workers admit they've called in with bogus excuses at least once in the last year. That's up from 35 percent the year before.

Among the more creative excuses: "I'm too drunk to drive to work;" "the ghosts in my house kept me up all night;" and "I'm too fat to get into my work pants."

A survey of mall shoppers by a retail consulting firm tracks the most annoying words from salespeople. At the top: "That's not my department." Next: “If it's not on the rack, we don't have it.'' Others: “That's our policy,'' “I'm on a break,'' and “the computer is down'' rounded out the list.