UGA Scientists

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Seventh grader Bonnie Gaupp says she wants to be a scientist, and Tuesday she got to work with real ones.

Bonnie said, "I think this is a real good experience actually because not a lot of people get to do this hands-on. I mean, they just get to read it in a text book and they don't get to use the pipets or real chemicals or anything like that."

Science teacher Virginia Wood interned in a teacher's summer program at the University of Georgia campus in Tifton. To apply what she learned, Wood invited the program's scientists to conduct experiments with her students.

Anne Bell, a chemist at the University of Georgia, says, "I love working with children, with kids, and I had two children of my own, and I love working with children and they seem to work well with me."

DNA is a subject these students usually only see on TV or read about in the classroom, but inside a tube is DNA from a banana that the students extracted.

Virginia Wood of Macintyre Park said, "My idea was that students at the middle school level especially, very seldom get to meet real scientists, much less work with them, so that was the reason they came, to show that they're real, they're out there, and they're doing good work."

Students working alongside scientists as colleagues is an experience Bonnie Gaupp and her classmates won't soon forget.

In luring them to Macintyre Park Middle School, students wrote essays to the scientists expressing the value of such a visit.