Thomas University Semester Begins

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Thomas University is a small private university that prides itself in serving several communities in south Georgia and giving students opportunities to grow through education, while giving back to the community.

Paul Alvara, a Thomas U student, said, "It's more like a close-knit family, community type thing, and there are plenty of opportunities for any field."

A university spokesperson says this year's incoming freshman class is the largest in the university's history, a sign that the future is bright at Thomas University.

Dr. Mary Anne Dolen, a professor, said, "When our students leave here with the skills that they learn, they bring those back out to the community and that's an important contribution that we can make to our local community."

The growing university welcomes an interim president this semester. Dr. Charles Glassick says he hopes to make progress during his stay at the university.

Dr. Charles Glassick said, "We'll be interested in being sure that the quality of the education remains high, student services are in good shape here, and also we'll be doing some fundraising to try to add to the programs here."

University officials say the goals remain the same, offering the young and not so young opportunities to further their education, work closely with employers, and in the end give back to the community that offers so much to these students.

Dr. Glassick says the search for a permanent president at Thomas University will begin in September. He hopes the new president will be in place by March.