Stadium Clean-up

If you've ever been to a game at Florida State University you'll notice the clean stadium isn't so clean when you leave.

Once the crowd disperses the mess is unveiled at Doak Campbell Stadium and it takes the men and women in green to clean it all up, in comes the Army ROTC.

Samantha Owen, a senior helping clean up, said, "You can get volunteer hours to come out to help us, community hours for your serve-script and we can always use the help."

They are hard at work but they aren't volunteers.

The university pays the cadets to pick up garbage after every home game.

Cody Gallo, senior helping clean up, said, "It's part of something we do here as a fund raiser for our program. All this money goes into the cadet fund."

Picking up trash for only six home games allows the cadets to save money for the entire year.

At first glance the amount of trash left behind may be a bit intimidating, but cadets say with all the help they have out here it only takes a few hours to clean the stadium.

It may be a quick job, but how do the cadets feel when they see fans leaving trash by their seats?

Cadets say it's not a glamorous job but it's got to be done.

The program has just over one hundred students, but only the juniors and seniors are required to help clean up.