Dog Fight Bust in Thomasville

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Thomasville Police say an anonymous tip led them to a house on Sunnyland Court where a dog fight was taking place.

Roosevelt Holland, Jr. and Clemson Maurice Graham were arrested for dog fighting. Police say this case is different from other dog fights.

"Most of the time you get there and nobody's around. But in this particular case we were able to gather information and was able to get there in a reasonable amount of time and catch them in the act."

Police say there were around 50 people watching the dog fight in a shed behind the house. Upon their arrival, everyone fled, but police say they were able to nab the dog's owners.

"The dogs were still fighting at the time. They were exhausted. It appeared they had been fighting for some time. We removed the animals and secured them in our vehicle."

Animal control officers say in total, seven dogs were confiscated including two puppies. They add all the other dogs had old scarring.

Police say that because they were able to arrive during the actual dog fight, Holland and Graham face felony charges. During the dog fighting bust, police also found marijuana in a toilet at the residence and in a sewer line.

Animal control officers say the older pit bulls will have to be put to sleep because they are trained to fight. As for the two puppies, they are at the Humane Society right now and they may be able to be rehabilitated. If not, they will also be put to sleep.