Ovarian Cancer Drug

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Jayne Beaumont was devastated when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer eight years ago. She underwent surgery and chemo right away.

Jayne says, "It was in remission for a little over three years, never expecting it was going to recur."

Jayne went back on chemo, but like many ovarian cancer survivors, Jayne's tumors became resistant to those cancer fighting drugs.

Dr. Linda Duska of Massachusetts General Hospital says, "The problem with recurrent ovarian cancer is that it's really hard to treat and to cure, and the response rates to chemotherapy that we have now tend to be low partly because of the resistance problem."

That's why Jayne decided to try an experimental drug called Telcyta. The medication is used with chemotherapy to create a one, two punch against cancer.

When ovarian cancer recurs it can come back more powerful and able to resist chemotherapy. Telcyta works by breaking down that resistance, allowing the chemo to get in and kill cancer cells.

Dr. Linda Duska says, "And the response rates were phenomenal, they were really high, over 50 percent response, which is a really high response rate to see in recurrent disease."

The drug is now being tested at several sites around the country. If the results stay positive, Telcyta could be available to public in about a year.