A New Campaign Trail

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Former vice presidential hopeful John Edwards is once again hitting the campaign trail, but this time it's not about getting the most votes.

Edwards says this campaign is even more important than his last.

"It was an issue in my presidential campaign. I've started a poverty center at UNC Chapel Hill. This is the cause of my life now," said Edwards.

Edwards will spend the next two weeks traveling the country. One of his stops included Tallahassee where he took time to tour the HOPE Community, a special campus with dorms for the homeless.

During his country tour, Edwards says he'll focus on visiting college campuses. He says it's time to get serious in the fight against poverty, and college students are a natural choice for a grassroots movement.

"College students stand up for what they believe in. I want to convince this age that ending poverty should be the cause of their generation."

College students say he's right.

"I am excited he has decided to take this head on and come to FAMU. Poverty affects many of us in this community, for so many," says FAMU senior Aretha Harvey.