Tallahassee Parks and Rec. Worker Murdered

A Tallahassee Parks and Rec. worker is found shot to death in his home. Thirty-three-year-old Sylvester Davis worked at the Lawrence Gregory at Dade Street Community Center, and Thursday afternoon his colleagues had the heartbreaking task of breaking that news to dozens of children.

Tears were flowing at the Dade Street Community Center as co-workers and friends try to stomach the news.

Cassandra Leland, a colleague and friend, said, "I just don't know who would want to hurt my dear Sylvester."

Aurora Hansen, supervisor of Lawrence Gregory, added, "It's not a good thing; we're going to miss somebody who was maybe an icon for the center, and I'm going to miss him terribly, like he was my right hand."

Davis didn't show up for work Wednesday. When concerned co-workers came to his home on Arnold Street there was no answer at the door, and when they peered in a back window, Tallahassee police say they spotted Davis' body.

LT Ed Smith of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "We had information that led us to believe he had only been there for less than a day and he was the victim of a shooting, but besides that we can't release any more details."

Co-workers and friends gathered at the community center Thursday morning and shared a self portrait poem Davis wrote a few years back.

It says, "I am nice, understanding Sylvester. I wonder about leading a positive life," and co-workers say though it was cut short, he lived every word.

Tallahassee police will not say whether there were signs of break-in or struggle at Davis' home. They are not commenting on a motive and right now have no suspects.

A fall carnival at the community center Friday afternoon will now be dedicated to Sylvester Davis.