When Deer Meet Cars

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When drivers and deer meet on the road, the outcome is often bad.

Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that many deer-related accidents end in human fatalities.

TFC Kenneth Jones with the Georgia State Patrol says, "My advice to drivers is just be attentive, and watch those deer on the side of the road, ‘cause they'll jump out at you."

A report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that there are 1.5 million accidents a year involving deer and cars, an amount the report shows that costs billions of dollars in damages.

Bill Raney with State Farm Insurance says, "We're in a place where we have a lot of deer, and a lot of people, especially in the late evening, encounter deer. The best is that no one I know of has been severely injured, but it will tear up an automobile."

Raney says deer whistles and other animal deterrents are available, but state patrol say prevention lies on the shoulders of those behind the wheel.

Jones says, "You know like I know, deer ain't got no sense to run out in the road, so you got to try to think for them."

It’s a precautionary measure that will keep deer and driver safe, and prevent both from crossing paths on roadways.

A University of Wisconsin Web site that tracks deer-related accidents ranks Georgia and Florida in the top six nationwide in 2003 for such accidents that killed people.