Drinking Water Spat in Lanark Village

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Tempers are boiling over in Lanark Village.

Too many boil water notices and too many fees have residents taking action. At least a dozen showed up at Tuesday's county commission meeting in Apalachicola.

Residents say they're fed up with dirty faucet water and ready-to-use fees. They want new management, and a new water board, a request voters will get to decide on.

Pauline Sullivan, a resident, says, “It has been in dire financial straits, weren't done professionally.”

Brian Armstrong, who represents the Lanark Village Water Board, says, “Whatever the county board wants to do, we will work with board to have that vote.”

Talks are underway to draft a mail-in ballot, asking voters if they want to enter into an agreement with the city of Carrabelle.

Commissioners will revisit the issue at their next board meeting.