Great American Smokeout

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Listen up all you smokers: this a day centered on you and your habit. Before you take another drag you should know what this day it is.

"Today is the Great American Smokeout," says Diann Riley with the South Georgia Health District.

It's a day sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Riley says, "The goal was to just bring awareness to the smokers, the harmful affects of tobacco use and to hopefully get them to consider stop smoking for the day and then they'll consider stopping for a lifetime."

Studies show one out of every five Americans smoke. That's over 45 million people.

Cigarette smoking is a habit. It's not just a habit, it's an addiction," says Gary Vogt with the South Georgia Medical Center.

It's an addiction that the South Georgia Medical Center hopes to help with. Health care professionals say if you're a smoker, today or any day for that matter, is a good day to have your lungs checked.

Vogt says, "We try to catch people before they get so bad that their quality of life is not very good."

There's also one more thing they want you to know.

Riley says, "It's never too late to stop smoking."

By putting out this, and getting rid of these, it can save you a trip to the hospital.

Nearly 400,000 Americans die each year of smoking related illnesses, so now's as good a time as any to quit.