Special Delivery: Operation Christmas Child

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Troy Andrews is only 13 years old, but he already knows how rewarding it is to give to others.

"It makes me feel like somebody's scratching my back or something."

For the past couple years, Troy has helped his church send gift filled shoe boxes to less fortunate kids around the world. It's called Operation Christmas Child. Volunteers deliver millions of shoe boxes filled with toys and necessities.

"They go to kids without shoes, kids that get cold at night in like Nicaragua and stuff."

Troy's mother Beth Andrews is heading the project this year. She's seen pictures of kids receiving the gifts and says their smiles make everything worthwhile.

"You see the kids that never get anything, and they're so delighted with just a shoe box; it's amazing," she says.

From Iraq to Afghanistan to victims of Hurricane Katrina, the boxes give hope to thousands of needy children this holiday season.

"I hope whoever gets these presents are very, very happy," says Troy.

Truckloads of boxes showed up Monday. Tuesday the big truck rolls out, but Beth says she's not ready to turn people away.

"I think we can squeeze one more on the truck in the morning yeah."

Each box is a small gift that'll make a big difference to some child somewhere in the world.