Law Enforcement Watching Motorists This Holiday Season

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The getaway is underway. For the airlines it’s expected to be the busiest travel holiday since 9/11 and busy on the highways too, which is why law enforcement is in full force.

With the holiday rush underway you can expect a host of law enforcement officials out and about as we have just entered Operation Safe Ride.

Tuesday, teams of Florida Highway Patrol officers and trainees stood alongside Highway 90 in Tallahassee with radar guns in hand, checking for speeders and aggressive drivers.

"When the holiday comes around you have a lot of traffic congestion, and you have people driving throughout the state and throughout the country trying to get to their destination, and everyone is in a hurry because everyone is on a short time table," says LT John Bagnardi with the Florida Highway Patrol.

He hopes the extra patrols will reduce the number of speed related deaths and injuries in the state, but says now more than ever drivers are becoming distracted.

"All the new technology, the cell phones, the stereos, the DVD players. You have a lot of driver distractions," adds Bagnardi.

Patrice Ligo, traveling with her family from Oklahoma to south Florida, says, "We always buckle up, click it or ticket.”

She says the more law enforcement presence this holiday season, the better.

"You can never overdo it. It is dangerous out there and you need to stay safe," adds Ligo.

Florida Highway Patrol officials say fines for speeding range from $85 or those going six to 10 miles over the limit to $300 for those driving 30 miles over.

AAA estimates just over one million in Georgia will hit the roadway by automobile. That number is about two million in Florida.