Governor, Lobbyists Discuss Florida's Wine Shipment Rules

Lobbyists for the Florida wine industry and Gov. Bush talked Friday about competition from other states.

Florida has a ban on the purchase of alcohol from out-of-state wineries, but the U.S. Supreme Court says those laws are a violation of interstate commerce rights.

The governor agrees. He wants to open the borders to mail order and Internet sales.

“There shouldn't be restraint of trade. There will be a focus on safety, you know, the health issues related to teenage drinking at that I think we ought to have safeguards there, but I just honestly believe that the distribution system should be freer,” says Gov. Bush.

Florida wine lobbyists are trying to maintain some limits on mail order or Internet sales, but they have their work cut out in the legislative session of 2006.

Several lawmakers have already filed bills to eliminate the ban on alcohol shipments from other states.