Retailers Prepare for Black Friday

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Retailers are rolling out the red carpet getting ready for the biggest shopping day of the year.

"We're making sure we have those hot items that the kids and parents are gonna be looking for this holiday season, making sure we have those items stocked and ready for our guests," said Bradfordville Target manager Tamara Ragsdale.

Among the items expected to be flying off the shelves are I-Pods and other MP3 players. Retailers say this should be a great holiday shopping season.

"Forecast was good and appears to be even better now. Employment is at a record high level in the state and it’s very strong locally," said Governor's Square manager Eric Litz.

While the shopping malls and stores are empty now, just wait until Friday morning.

"It's gonna be a madhouse. Five a.m. it’s gonna be early and a lot of people here," said Raye Strickland.

When asked what her family will be doing Friday morning, she responded, "probably sleeping."

Tuesday evening the Strickland family was among the few shoppers out on the town.

"We wanted to get the jump on Christmas early, so we're beating the rush."

"We're ready for ‘em; we're excited we hope the lines are out the door around the corner cause we're ready for 'em to come in and shop."

They’re beating the rush, while retailers like Ragsdale are preparing for the rush.

"We're ready for ‘em; we're excited; we hope the lines are out the door and around the corner ‘cause we're ready for ‘em to come in and shop."