Abortion Debate

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Those for and those against abortion rights are paying close attention to the case before the U.S. Supreme Court and its new chief justice, John Roberts. At issue is a 2003 New Hampshire law requiring teenage girls to notify at least one parent before having an abortion. The only exception is when the mother's life is at risk.

Kelly Ayotte says, "It really has a common sense purpose to have parents involved when concern arises.”

Justice David Souter asked New Hampshire's attorney general how the state's law deals with situations where a minor's health, but not life, is in danger and she needs an immediate abortion, and Justice Stephen Breyer questioned how doctors who performed abortions can avoid being sued.

Justice Stephen Breyer says, "How do we know that's the law? There are people of good faith on both sides of this argument."

Keep in mind, this case is not about whether abortion is legal or not. Instead it deals with restrictions on abortion rights. All eyes will be on the newest member of the bench, Chief Justice John Roberts, who replaced the late William Rehnquist. His pending opinion could provide some insight into his views on abortion rights.

For supporters of those rights, it could be a defining moment.

"We are hoping the court will continue its longstanding protection for women's health."

And if Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito is confirmed to replace Justice Dandra Day O'Connor, the conservative appeals judge could also weigh in on an issue that continues to divide a nation.