Car vs. Deer Collisions Up

With the dip in temperatures and hunting season in full stride, the number of car vs. deer collisions is up dramatically in the past few weeks.

Deputies are urging you to slow down when you spot a deer's shining eyes and keep in mind there are probably more where that came from.

At best, those collisions can cost you hundreds of dollars. At worst you could be seriously hurt.

SGT Chris Chase with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "If you impact a deer at 150 pounds at 55 miles per hour and that comes through your windshield, that's a 150 pound projectile coming through your windshield. People have died in those incidents."

Chase says Florida law requires drivers to report any collision that does $500 or more in damage. The National Safety Council estimates the average car vs. deer crash does $2,000 in damage.