Leon County Commission's Top Priorities

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Leon County commissioners met Monday for their annual retreat, this time at the Wakulla Springs Lodge. They've come up with a list of seven priorities for 2005/2006 fiscal year, and for the first time ever two priorities could go before the voters of Leon County in a referendum.

There are usually at least 10 priorities for the Leon County Commission's fiscal year, but for this fiscal year, commissioners decided to focus on seven.

Law enforcement issues including consolidation/joint dispatch are topping the list.

Tony Grippa, Leon County Commissioner, says, "By consolidating law enforcement we can preserve the most important issue, and that's making sure our citizens are safe and efficiently served by the sheriff and Tallahassee Police Department."

Their second priority is uninsured health care, which also includes the possibility of a half-cent sales tax.

Cliff Thaell, Leon County Commissioner, says, "We have got to do something to resolve this issue. It appears the board took a giant step towards commitment towards that."

Those top two priorities of law enforcement/joint dispatch and health care could make the way to the ballot in November.

Bill Proctor, Leon County Chairman, says, "This is the first time in our history that we have ranked two items that we have also suggested that we want for the public for referendum."

The other top priorities include moving in a new direction when it comes to energy with a countywide comprehensive energy policy. The list rounds out with a countywide lake protection program, funding for the Woodville library, spray irrigation impacts on Wakulla Springs and the redevelopment of the Fairgrounds.