DUI Patrols Increasing

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Leon County is logging a record number of fatal car crashes, many of them alcohol related, and with the holiday season upon us, law enforcement in the county and across Florida are teaming up to crack down on drunk driving.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office says it's increasing patrols. This is the time of year officers say they start to see more people drinking and driving and they're warning drivers now, if you're drinking, don't get behind the wheel, even if you feel like you can drive.

SGT Chris Chase with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "With this aggressive patrolling and aggressive going after DUIs, by DUI enforcement and patrols we're going to be out there in full force trying to send that message home, don't drink and drive."

SGT Chase says you can take advantage of the many alternatives offered this season including AAA’s Tow and Go. For more information call, 1-800-AAA-HELP.