Commemorative Mass at Mission San Luis

The Mission San Luis, a national landmark, held a commemorative mass on Sunday to celebrate its rich history in Florida.

Low lighting helped set a peaceful mood for the 2005 commemorative mass at Mission San Luis. It was standing room only inside the mission church.

Governor Bush commented on the service, "I love, 1st of all, I love Bishop Ricard. I think he's an eloquent speaker of the gospel and this beautiful church is just a wonderful place to have mass."

Erin Conroy attended the service and adds, "Yeah, I think it's really neat I mean they celebrated mass here five hundred years ago and now we're doing the same thing their same church and it's very cool."

Erin Conroy says this is the first time she and her family experienced this special mass at the mission. Bishop Ricard adds the mass is important to the Christian faith but the mission is also significant in preserving history.

Bishop John H. Ricard said, "We want to keep that link, a living link, and a living memorial of the Christian roots of the area, something that is open to all people of good will."

Celebrating history, Mission San Luis is the only reconstructed 17th century mission open to the public. The Mission San Luis is open Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m until 4 p.m., closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, and admission is free.