Deadly Year on Tallahassee Roads

It's been a deadly week on Tallahassee roads. Since Saturday, three people have been killed in crashes and three others critically injured.

A head on collision on Apalachee Parkway Thursday morning is the latest scare in what is turning out to be a record year for serious and fatal crashes. Two people were hospitalized.

Monday, a car careened off Highway 27 and into an airport hangar. The driver is still critical.

It's not your imagination. There are more serious car crashes in Leon County this year than ever before. Deadly crashes have quadrupled since last year in the city. In the county crashes are up eight fold.

Among Tallahassee Police, Leon County deputies and Florida troopers, they've worked 41 fatal crashes in Leon County in which 43 people have died.

The big question is why? And no one seems to have a concrete answer. But motorists have plenty to say about it.

This is typically the deadliest season on the roads, and law officers fear the already record year could become even deadlier in the weeks ahead.