Danfoss-Turbocor: More Reaction

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Leon County was not opposed to Danfoss-Turbocor relocating to Tallahassee. County administrators tell us, the issue at hand was where they should direct the limited financial resources available for economic development. The county commission said they'd rather see it go to local businesses.

Leon county administrators say it wasn't a bad decision for the city to decide that it will invest taxpayer dollars to relocate Danfoss-Turbocor to Tallahassee. For them, the deal was just not the right fit.

"We saw an opportunity where we already had $1.6 million earmarked for economic development purposes. When we looked closely at the issues, we felt very strongly and I think a majority of the board also felt strongly that the most appropriate place for that is with existing businesses."

It was that focus on local businesses the capital city chamber of commerce was hoping for.

"We as a Chamber are just very concerned and want to be a voice for existing companies, small companies, medium-sized companies that want to grow."

Hinson went on to say he agrees with both the city and county's decisions this week.

On one hand, there is more focus locally. On the other hand, there’s the prospect of 150 jobs with a payroll of ten million dollars.

"There's risks involved; you have to be willing to take some risks and not be afraid to fail at the same time; you cannot be foolish about it."

Katz says he'd like to see the county take another look at the deal and partner again. At the same time, he also says he's ready to work with the county on small business initiatives.

We asked county administrator Vince Long whether there is that possibility of the county becoming a part of the Danfoss-Turbocor deal. He said there is; it would be up to the board of county commissioners, but the staff recommendation would not change.