Toys for Tots!

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Lots of toys! You can bet that's on the on the wish list of almost every child this holiday season, but there are some that almost had to go without.

FDLE Inspector General Al Dennis knows what it's like to grow up without a lot, and what it feels like to find a toy under the tree a gift from Toys for Tots.

Al Dennis says, "When you wake up and there's a doll under the tree for your sisters and a toy for you and your brothers, it makes you feel really good."

Making sure no other child goes without, Dennis encouraged his co-workers to donate to the Marines "Toys for Tots," and they did, about 300 toys loaded up into the truck and headed across town to the Marine Reserve Center.

That's where you'll find mountains of toys destined for thousands of kids.

1st SGT David Cowie with the Tallahassee Reserve Unit says, “About 4,000 will benefit from it this year and signed up, and when it's all said and done, there will probably be about 5,000."

The Marines have headed up Toys for Tots since 1948. They say it's their way of giving back for the support you've given them at home and abroad. The Marines will distribute all of your contributions Saturday morning.