Florida's Latest Education Report

From FCAT to "No Child Left Behind," it seems Florida education gets some inconsistent grades.

Last November Florida schools were ranked at the bottom for graduation rates. Now a new report shows Florida schools ranking above the national average for standards, accountability and resource equity.

Leon County Schools Superintendent Bill Montford offers some advice for parents when reading such reports: "We're quite confident that in Florida overall we're doing pretty well in public school systems and we're very proud of that, but again what we encourage our parents to do is look at the data and make sure there's a correct comparison of all the data."

Lisa Pitts, a local parent, says, "I think overall they're doing much better recently within the last decade or so by putting more money into schools that's helping better education, educating with more books, and especially with computer knowledge that wasn't there when I was in school."

According to Education Week Magazine, Florida received an overall grade of "B" minus.

The national average is "C" plus.